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If you follow me at all, whether here or on Twitter, then you know that I love The Princess Bride like J. J. Abrams loves lens flares. (Wrong audience? I can totally swap that out with a "like Michael Bay loves explosions" joke, instead.)

In other words,

Image: Mrwgif
Image: Mrwgif

Like, a whole lot.

So you can imagine my excitement today, because oh my God, you guys, The Princess Bride is getting its own mobile game.

Courtesy of Gameblend Studios, The Princess Bride - The Official Game will feature all the main characters, adorable animation style. You'll be able to relive the adventures of Westley and Buttercup by battling shrieking eels, climbing (and hopefully not falling from) The Cliffs of Insanity, getting into swordfights, and wrasslin' huge giants - at least, one rhyming giant in particular.

Check out the trailer below:

In the future, the game will also include DLC set in the Fire Swamp. Because of course, it wouldn't be a Princess Bride game without fighting (or, at least, dudes in giant rat costumes).

Image: Simon-and-garfunkeling/Tumblr
Image: Simon-and-garfunkeling/Tumblr

While it isn't free-to-play, it only costs a mere $3.99 - hey, it gets expensive buying all those cures from Miracle Max. Sadly, the game is only available on iOS at the moment, but have no fear, fellow Droid-slingers, Gameblend has assured fans that they're currently developing a version for Android, too.

As we wished.

Have fun storming the castle, everyone!


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