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The second trailer for the "AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON" debuted early this morning and whilst it may seem quite familiar, there is quite a lot to talk about!

Here we see Hawkeye leading people to safety in what seems to be a large flying object that will take them away from whatever destruction is happening around them.

The voice-over is from Tony Stark, saying that the heroes are simply not powerful enough to protect "this vulnerable world".

Our first real character introduction in the trailer is for Captain America, picking up his helmet to go off and save the world once again. His helmet seems to have taken some scrapes during battle. It seems as though we'll see Cap really fall into his role as team leader in this film. We get the shot of the battle damaged helmet as Stark narrates the world needs "something more powerful than any of us", perhaps the Avengers just can't protect the world like they thought they could.

"Everyone creates the thing they dread" Ultron narrates as Stark wanders into this factory, perhaps he's realizing the fault of his creation.

I'm gathering from this trailer that Ultron was purely created as an AI, but he has learned to inhabit other technology, here he seems to have adopted the body of an Iron Man drone.

"Ultron?" Banner questions as the sentient robot shuffles his way into the room. This gives us a definite answer that it was both Bruce and Tony working on Ultron as Bruce seems to guess who it is immediately.

"In the flesh" Ultron's drone smash through the glass which seems like it will ultimately lead to a battle inside of Avengers tower.

Bruce is getting mad about something, and it looks like he's inside of Avengers tower in his lab, perhaps he's furious at the creation of Ultron?

This next image is one that has caused quite a stir between fans. Some believe it to be Black Panther's sister in Wakanda, I'm going with the theory that this is in-fact off world in one of the nine realms. This pool featured in the last trailer with shirtless Thor throwing a strop, perhaps he has been teleported off world by Ultron to a mysterious realm. In the leaked scene from Avengers 2 that debuted at the Marvel Phase 3 announcement, we hear Tony and Steve discuss Thor's offworld whereabouts and also they detail that Scarlet With showed him something, so perhaps this is all part of an illusion cast by Wanda Maximoff.

From the trailer, its edited to look like Scarlet Witch is shooting this red energy blast at Iron Man but later on we see Ultron fire off a very similar looking shot.

This seems to be definite confirmation that we will finally get some back-story on Black Widow and how she became to be the skilled assassin she is.

She looks like she's being experimented on, perhaps this is a flashback that Scarlet Witch has thrust upon Widow, making her remember how she came into creation.

Ultron's army attacking the streets that we saw in the last trailer with Cap jumping over cars.

Now.....if I were an Avenger, I'd be pretty scared of one of those Ultron bots.

Iron Man flying in one what seems to be a Hydra operated base.

Last time we saw him, Banner seemed to have control of the Hulk, so my best guess is that this is some sort of sorcery caused by Scarlet Witch making him angry. She is having quite the impact already.

Another shot of Andy Serkis as the supposed Ulysses Klaw, arch enemy of Black Panther! That necklace certainly seems to hint at a Black Panther easter egg.

Now, we know for a fact that Cap can handle himself in a fight, so this Ultron bot has got to be packing some serious strength to go toe to toe with the first Avenger.

Yet again a hint of a romance between Banner and Widow as Widow's presence seems to be calming the Hulk down.

"I'm gonna tear you apart....from the inside" threatens Spader's Ultron. A better look at the probable final form of the sentient baddie.

This is the blast that I assume fired Iron Man into the wall earlier.

The God Of Thunder being hurt by lightning? What sorcery is this?! I think this is most definitely somewhere off world, with the exotic woman in the background and some Asgardian looking display on the wall that we saw in "Captain America: The First Avenger".

Another look at the mighty Hulkbuster armor which seems to tower over the Hulk, but still gets beaten to the ground by one of Hulk's makeshift weapons.

Tony inside of the Hulkbuster armor confirms that it isn't being controlled by Ultron like some previously suggested.

This battle is getting a lot of attention, I hope the final product pays off.

The devilishly red eyes here seemed to hint at the possibility that Hulk is under some sort of spell from Scarlet Witch, that accompanied by the protruding veins all over his body. Hulk certainly has come down with something.

If this is only one of the smaller battles in the film which it looks to be, then we are in for a great time!

I love the trailer! I don't think its as exciting as the first teaser because this one is very similar in tone, but I think we've got a good deal of stuff to talk about here! So comment below and tell me your favorite moment of the "AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON" trailer!


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