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I can build things with words. Words are cool. Words are my jam. Words are how I make my living. But artistic talent of the visual sort? NOPE. Maybe I showed sparks of it when I was a kid, but it was never cultivated, and so here I am today, slingin' words and takin' names.

So I'm always completely fascinated when I stumble across something online that showcases someone's artistic talent, and almost nothing blows my mind more than the photorealism style of art. Is it a photograph? Is it a sketch? "I CAN'T TELL, BUT YOU'RE BLOWING MY MIND RIGHT NOW" is usually how I respond, after I get done suspiciously poking it with a stick to see if it moves.

Imgur user SuPingOng shared a sketch she drew for her boyfriend's birthday, and I swear, I stared at this for a good minute or two before realizing it wasn't a work of Photoshop or part of a movie poster.

As she explains, it took Su Ping two months and almost 100 hours to finish the drawing, with the finished product standing at a nice 16.5" x 23.4" in size. Curious to see how she sketched this incredible Spidey? I was, too. Luckily, she documented her painstaking process.

First, since the classic look with Spider-Man having big eyes is her boyfriend's favorite style, she chose the look Andrew Garfield rocked in [The Amazing Spider-Man 2](movie:508593) as a visual reference. She stared off by printing out the photo she wanted with grid lines to guide her, then sketched out the outline with a light pink pencil.

Next, she went back over the outlines, darkening them with a dark brown pencil.

After sketching out the detailed webbing on his Spider-suit using a purple pencil, she began filling in the red sections of his suit.

Finally, when the torso was finished, it looked like this:

Did you notice the way the light and shadows reflect off Spider-Man in her sketch? That was also done with colored pencil, not Photoshop.

Here's what the sketch looked like when all of the red was colored in, before she started on the other colors. If you notice, she even shaded and highlighted it to create the look of the tiny creases in his costume under his arms and the points of his shoulders reflecting the light:

Then it was time to move on to coloring the black and blue sections. As Su Ping said, coloring the blue was by far the hardest part of the sketch because she wanted to recreate the slightly metallic, embossed effect of Garfield's suit in the movie. Mission freaking accomplished.

Shout-out to her even taking care to line up the wrinkles under his arms from red to blue, along with the painstaking shading needed to make it appear as if the black webbing and symbol were in 3D.

Finally, the eyes were the last parts of the drawing she shaded and colored in. Somehow, that seems fitting.

And putting it all together again...

Once more, with feeling!

Lastly, the artist herself, posing with her creation.

Look, I'm not sure I love myself enough to dedicate that much time to creating something, let alone someone else. Su Ping's work took an incredible amount of talent (of which I have little) and patience (of which I have none).

All I'm saying is, her boyfriend better go to sleep hugging this drawing to himself every night, because damn.

(Source: Su Ping Ong via imgur)

Have any other amazing bits of superhero art you'd like to share? Link me or embed it in the comments!


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