ByKortney Leeane Jewell, writer at
Kortney Leeane Jewell

Hello, fellow Nerdfighters!

Today is a very important day. Today marks the tenth anniversary of Looking for Alaska. This is John Green’s Printz Award-winning debut novel. It is told through the eyes of Miles “Pudge” Halter. He takes you on his journey of searching for "the Great Perhaps" and falling in love for the first time with the beautiful and self-destructive Alaska Young. But this special edition of the book as some things that fans have never seen before. John Green lets us take a look at his writing process. There are some title ideas, how he came up with the name Alaska, and even a look at some rough drafts of The Fault in Our Starts.

Right now all we have to get us by is the book, but soon Looking for Alaska will join its sisters The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns on the big screen. The Fault in Our Stars is already on DVD and Paper Towns will be out in theaters in June of this year.

So who is going to pick up a copy of this edition of Looking for Alaska?


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