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Okay, first time contributor here, hopefully not biting off more than I can chew.

As a huge fan of the [Arrow](series:720988)-verse, and the cinematic-level undertaking that is now the DCTVU, I've been thinking on this theory for quite some time now, and I want to get some feedback to see what you guys think.

With (spoiler alert) Oliver Queen currently being "deceased", and Starling City needing a new hero, our eyes are quick to fall on Arsenal, the new Black Canary, the fast guy in the red suit, who unfortunately we probably won't see back on Arrow until next season, and the Atom. I know there's absolutely no chance of this happening right now, due to the massive amount of content being poured in to this show, but in the future, could we possibly see Diggle suit up?

This is where it gets interesting...

We've seen Diggle in green before, as he's actually dressed as the Arrow as a "sleight of hand" for Ollie before, and we know he's physically capable of tackling that role, but there's another suit that I think Diggle could end up wearing, and could potentially rocket him into his own spinoff within the DCTVU. Follow me here:

1) "Diggle" is not John's real last name, but a name given to him from his time at A.R.G.U.S., that he has decided to stick with for now.

2) The creation of Diggle's character for the show was with an entirely different purpose in mind.

3) At the end of season 3, possibly season 4, we see a flashback with John working with A.R.G.U.S., and a dossier containing information about John's past is seen, only instead of "Diggle, John" the folder is named "Stewart, Jon".

Of course ALL of this is strictly speculation, but could it be? If there's anyone out there, other than Idris Elba, who is absolutely perfect for the role of Jon Stewart/Green's David Paul Ramsey!

One thing that really got me to thinking about all of this was Diggle's reaction to seeing Barry use his powers in the Arrow/Flash crossover episodes. DPR played it brilliantly as a kid watching another kid playing with their new toy, wishing they had one of their own.

I know we've already seen references to Ferris Air, which would constitute the existence of Hal Jordan within the DCTVU, but after the utter failure that was the Ryan Reynolds/Hal Jordan Green Lantern, why wouldn't they want to go in a different direction?

DC has proven that special effects are no longer a playing card when it comes to "can we put this on TV?" The Flash is a testament to that. With shows like "Supergirl", "Teen Titans", and possibly "The Atom" looming, why couldn't Jon Stewart join the fray? This would also be extremely useful in helping set up the DCTVU Justice League we've been hearing so much about as of late.

Not to bring up a sore spot for DC (or Marvel) fans...but in the current war for the top of the entertainment industry, these two juggernauts are battling it out in every way possible. You have Marvel cancelling comic books to say to rival studios "hey, we want our property back". You have DC entering into a ginormous cinematic undertaking with "Batman v. Superman", the Justice League, and countless other entries into the DCCU. Marvel has seen a fair amount of success on television with "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." and hopes to gain more ground with "Agent Carter" and the Netflix series'. Having said all that, there is only one clear winner right now in the realm of comic book-to-television adaptations...and it is the DCTVU! Bringing in a prolific character like Jon Stewart/Green Lantern would only be another notch in their utility belt, and would be sure to invoke a deeper love and devotion to their cause from fans like myself who enjoy the weekly romp in the land of heroes and villains.

Call me me Sally...but don't call me while I'm sleeping.



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