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Austin Heer

I'm gonna be honest I've seen lots of well made superhero movies and lots of movies that weren't so great. What I want to know is if it's the actors that ruin the movies, or is it the script. I personally think that the movies that aren't so good like 2003s Daredevil wasn't Ben Affleck's fault I think it was how it was written. Although I don't think the actor makes the movie I do think it has a big part in if the fans will like it or not. If it were up to me though I would change Ben Afflecks role in the upcoming Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice. I know it sounds like I'm hating on Ben Affleck but it's just a coincidence. I think that Mark Wahlberg should take the role. He has lots of experience playing cops and has enough muscle to pull off Bruce Wayne. I think Mark Wahlberg could really make the role better but as a superhero fan I have to give Affleck the benefit of the doubt and just hope he gets the job done because it's not easy.


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