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First of all, I want to state that this is my opinion. I don't want any haters to throw a fit because I said something they don't agree with. Now that I've got that out of the way.

I like [Aquaman](movie:264237) and think he is a great character. I don't see why he gets so much hate from fans. I also like Arrow and Flash and I'll probably like the next spin-off because all of the writers and actors do an amazing job on the shows. In my personal opinion, a member of the Aquaman family should be a part of that universe. I think the character could be used in their own show or as a character in an existing show.

In this post I'm going to go into the four main reasons why I think Aquaman should have his own show in the Arrow/Flash universe and a couple of negatives. ENJOY!

1. Magic

DC have many magic wielding characters and I would love to see them in the TV universe (I know there's [Constantine](movie:874314) but that is separate to the Arrow and Flash universe). I know that Aquaman isn't a magical character but Atlantis does use a lot of magic (the Spectre tried to destroy Atlantis because of it) and Aquaman himself uses a bit himself.

In Arrow the villains are almost always normal humans (with the exception of Slade and his men) and in Flash the villains are almost always metas. If Aquaman does get his own show they can have the main villains as magic based and Atlantian villains.

2. Team Aqua

In Arrow there is team Arrow and in Flash there is team Flash so it makes sense for there to be a team Aqua. Teams Arrow and Flash have a great cast of characters that fit together perfectly and many of the characters fit an archetype.

The hero: Oliver Queen/The Arrow, Barry Allen / [The Flash](series:1068303).

For this I wouldn't use Aquaman himself. I thin that They should use Garth/Tempest as the hero because, whilst being a sidekick he is also a hero in his own right and could give a younger perspective on fighting crime.

The father figure: John Diggle (to an extent) or Walter Steel, Harrison Wells or Joe West.

I would use Neptune Perkins for this role as it means we get lesser known characters on the screen but an alternative is Orm Curry (having Orm become Ocean Master in later seasons).

The love interest: lots to choose from in [Arrow](series:720988), Iris West.

I have two choices for this and think they could both be used. Tula is my first choice as she is of Atlantian origin and Debby Perkins is my second choice.

The brains: Felicity Smoak, Caitlin Snow.

For this I have to choices and both are wildcards. Lorena Marquez is my first choice but in the she is the second Aquagirl but they've changed characters stories before. The other character I was thinking of is Harper Row. Harper was originally one of Batmans sidekicks and CW has said that they don't want to involve Bats and Supes but they can again re-imagine the character.

There are, of course, other characters that need to be in the show but I think that they are the essentials.

3. Villains

Aquaman doesn't have the most impressive rogues gallery but he has got a few core villains that would be great to see.

The first is Black Manta. Black manta is an important character in the Aquaman mythos and it would be great to see him battling the hero and his own issues.

The second is Ocean Master. Orm is the half-brother of Aquaman and is the bad apple of the family. I think it would be great to see him change for a kind and caring young man into a monster.

The third villain is King Shark. Whilst King Shark would be difficult for a show it is possible if he is made more humanoid and would be great to see.

Each of the three villains fight Aquaman in different ways. King Shark is a purely physical combatant whilst Manta uses his intellect to battle Aquaman and Orm is more of an emotional battle for Aquaman.

The show can use other villains (like what Arrow did with most of the Batman rogues gallery) and it would be great seeing the hero balance surface life and Atlantian life.

4. Hype for the movie

DC have, as you probably know, confirmed Jason Momoa as Aquaman in the cinematic universe. I feel that he was one of, if not, the only choice for the role. most people who badmouth Aquaman will end up watching the film but I am worried that people will hold onto their negativity and not enjoy it just because it's Aquaman. I think a show could take away the negativity and help create hype for the movie.


Whilst I think this is a good idea I still see the bad parts.

CW and DC tried a show based off Aquaman and it was cancelled straight away. This good be bad for a show that features the same core character. However, that show was based on the Smallville style rather than the Arrow/Flash style of show.

I personally think it is a bad idea to have a Flash film because it could confuse fans and it could sink both that and the show. I think the show is great and that the film won't be as good. I think it would be pretty hypocritical of me to say this when I'm suggesting the exact same thing. However, if they use Tempest then the show will be different enough for both to work well. I think this would also lend itself perfectly to film/TV crossovers.


If anyone reading this disagrees with anything I have said, feel free to comment and discuss what I've said. If anyone from DC and THE CW are reading this and want to get in touch to talk about the ideas in more detail, feel free.


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