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Do you remember seeing this for the first time? What was you reaction to this picture? Was it "OMG IS THIS FOR REAL?" or did you say "Meh this is another fake. Well it was fake and you know it really got under my skin because someone who wanted to have a laugh decided to make this. Every movie site I look at said the same thing and that this movie is being split. Only one site said "This is bull crap". That site was and you know what we work on this site and other sites to bring movie news to people, and to put our input on the rumors and news so that way people know what's going on. We are though responsible for putting out false rumors and not looking the source material of this picture and many others. There are people out there who will believe this and for that they will ask people who work on these movies if the rumor was true. Take Henry Cavill for example because he was recently was asked if the rumors about him getting injured during the fight with Batman and if the movie was being split.

Having to address the people of the world that the rumors are all fake and looking like a jack wagon to the world is something that was never on Cavill's agenda. And let's take Avengers: Age of Ultron for another example because it was rumored that spider-man was going to in the movie. Our "proof" in the matter is this picture.

A very poor Photoshop image of Andrew Garfield's Amazing Spider-man 2 costume on the set of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Now anyone would agree that it would be awesome to have spider-man in an Avengers film, but I don't because Marvel has done many wonders with it's lesser known characters. I bet you the reader didn't even know the Guardians of the Galaxy before the movie came out. Another rumor that people won't give up on is Planet Hulk. Come on people Mark Ruffalo and Kevin Feige both said that Marvel isn't thinking about a Planet Hulk movie. Again they were looked upon like idiots because of someone in their mother's basement posted a rumor on the web.

The infamous Sony hack is another sad depiction of rumors that fans go crazy about. Many fans learned that Sony and Marvel were having a much heated discussion about Spider-man being in an Avengers movie. Many fans rushed to their keyboards to be the first to write about these emails. It's sad when things like the Sony hack happen because that is an invasion on privacy, and I know North Korea doesn't care about privacy but even people of the US hack it's fellow people to find stuff like this.

Fantastic Four is another thing that can really get under my skin because people jump to the conclusion that it will be the biggest bomb ever. They say that it'll suck because we haven't seen a trailer and barely any pictures of the set. That's good, scratch that it's great because they want this film to blow people mind. It's a surprise for the world to see, and who knows maybe the comics will come back out. That's another that people have put all around the internet "Marvel stop making Fantastic Four comics and killed off Wolverine, so they try and get the movie rights back". No because Fantastic Four is barely bought by people, so why invest in something that can barely make you money? Wolverine is another story because Marvel wanted to capitalize in some major money. Why not I mean DC did it all those years ago and Marvel's tried it with Spider-man, the Human Torch, and Captain America.

Anyways the message that needs to get out is that we all do the same job and that's to report movie news. I would be lying if I were saying that I haven't posted any rumors. I try to put every point into my post about a rumor just take a look at my post about Luke Skywalkers role in Episode VII. Actors have a very tough job to do and that's to make a movie to please the fans. Their job isn't to confirm rumors but it is helpful when they do tell us if the rumors are true or not. That's our job as well because we are to post about movies, theories, and inputs on the news of movies.


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