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There have been a lot of ghost-themed TV shows over the years. People truly believe that they exist. I'm not thoroughly sold yet, but this video is simply some of the most intriguing evidence I've seen that ghosts may be real. This happened at Pocadello High School in Idaho.

I'm not saying if you watch this you will start believing in ghosts - I'm just saying this reminds me thoroughly of many movies like Paranormal Activity and the like. If you don't want to watch the whole thing, skip to 1:28... but I recommend checking out the flickering lights... keep in mind, this is in Idaho. Weird stuff happens in Idaho. Just kidding, I like the potatoes.

Tell me why this is eerily similar to this...

According to Mirror UK, "Investigations found that six people have died on the grounds of the school, which was also once gutted by fire."

This is legitimately much scarier than any past ghost quests I've watched or heard about. I think we need to get Bill Murray and the boys on a plane to Idaho stat.

The whole "oh, it's probably nothing" argument doesn't necessarily fly here. I saw with my own two eyes a figure that appeared to be walking in a fluid and realistic motion through that corridor. As a matter of fact, real life ghost-busters (yes they exist) have been to the school.

Obvious question... Ghosts. Are they real?


Are ghosts or poltergeists real?

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