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It's basically an indisputable fact that non-humans rule the internet, most notably cats and corgis and Disney princesses. Is it because they always look so happy that they make us happy by association? I think so.

So what happens when a corgi takes a trip to Disney World with his human to to meet all the most iconic Disney characters? An explosion of adorable that is so cute, I dare you to look at these and not immediately want to adopt him. Seriously, this is heartwarming "squeeee!" stuff all up in here.

Tumblr user Zack alerted the world to this amazing moment when he posted the pictures with the explanation, "My friend posed her dog with Disney characters at Disney [W]orld."

It's as cute as you'd expect, because happy corgi at Disney World!

The happiest place on Earth is anywhere corgi is getting tummy rubs

The corgi is obviously okay being part of Ariel's world forever, as long as that world involves bottomless corgi rubs.

Or really, petting of any kind

But corgi is an equal opportunity kind of corgi, and is also totally cool with headscratches and attention from Cinderella if Ariel is busy.

Corgi is also okay waiting patiently if you are too busy to pet him IMMEDIATELY

Even though that is clearly a look that says, "Look at me. Waiting here, all patiently. Like a good corgi. Waiting for hugs. And love. Being a good corgi. Who is not getting hugs."

In fact, corgi just wants you to love him always

Inside princesses, outside princesses, corgi doesn't care as long as he is getting ALL THE HUGS. Look at him. He's so content!

Seriously, corgi will take ALL THE HUGS now

Even Stitch is getting in on the action with his doggy...cousin? Distant cousin? Wait, seriously, what is Stitch, exactly? Whatever he is, he looks even happier than the corgi, because...hugging a corgi. How could he not be?

It's not all fun, though...

Suspicious corgi is suspicious. This Captain Hook guy seems an untrustworthy kind of fellow. Corgi is not sure how he feels about this.

Corgi definitely knows how he feels about the Genie

And that feeling is, "NOPE. CORGI DO NOT WANT."

But corgi is saved!

Corgi doesn't know who this Donald guy is, or why there is a tiny Donald guy on his head, or why neither of them are wearing pants, but corgi likes it. Maybe corgi could make a thing of this, take this show on the road, impress corgi ladies...

Then again, corgi's pretty happy exactly where he is

Happy corgi chilling with his best friend forever, Dug.

It was a great day for corgi. He got pet, he got belly rubs, he got his pictures taken, he got some more pets, he got to cuddle with princesses, some more petting happened, and he made new friends.

Is it possible corgi is the happiest dog on Earth at the happiest place on Earth?


Best corgi meet up?

(Source: Tumblr via Distractify)


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