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So much reality tv on your 52' flatscreen HDTV, so little time. But reality tv has been a heavy marketable genre since Candid Camera. And while most of the reality tv shows have been adults, kids have been featured as well.

But recently, there are a few standouts that are geared more for KIDS to watch OTHER KIDS in a reality show. Sure, kids have been on reality talent shows--such as X-Factor and talent talk shows...such as Jenny Jones...

Cute kid singers across America
Cute kid singers across America

However, that was then. And now there seems to be a new niche for kids in reality tv. Kid Chefs.

Yup, that's right. Kids on tv cooking. That sure can be more inspirational for kids than watching kids model in pagents or kids dancing, or kids with 7 semi-identical siblings and divorced parents.

So I present to you,

MasterChef Junior

Now in its 4th Season
Now in its 4th Season

Rachael vs Guy: Kids Cook Off

Ran for 2 Seasons
Ran for 2 Seasons

Both shows had kids in cooking contests--whittling them down to the final winner. Friendships were made, as well as some very good food. These kids have dreams of literally being at the top of the chef chain. I've even managed to follow a few on Twitter--seeing how the after show has helped them and they are still into cooking (whether they won or lost on the show at any round).

On those two shows, no one was berated. Stage Moms didn't argue. And no one on the show had any negative news stories posted about them. (Did you instantly think about Dance Moms, Honey Boo Boo or Toddlers and Tiaras?)

Seeing those kids cook, really inspired me. And I'm an adult. Perhaps I'm not the only (kid/adult) that has been inspired. Perhaps YOU have been inspired to do something...maybe a new career goal or a hobby.

New reality shows are being made all the time, while some have been on for quite some time. So put on your thinking caps or maybe comment on what you want to see next.


What do you think the next kid reality tv show should be?


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