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This is my first post so bear with me.

In the up coming "Batman vs Superman" movie, I feel that Superman should be a little lighter in tone. [Man of Steel](movie:15593) while good was *way* to dark for Superman. The destruction of Smallville and Metropolis was a bit much for DCs "real world" versions of their heroes.

The final fight with Zod where Superman kills him to save that family is a perfect example.


I personally thought it was not very Supermanish. Maybe if they made it look like it was more of an accident. So much for Truth, Justice and the American way. Batman has to be dark, as dark as long as he doesn't kill anyone. He's the DARK Knight.

For DCs "real world" movies I see the US Army being a better "villain" and more realistic. Zods a great villain don't get me wrong, Superman II is one of my favorite movies.

That sad, the Army would have been more of a challenge. Now before you start complaining and saying "Supermans invincible and has super strength the Army couldn't touch him!" I say to you that they don't know that, all they do is arrest him in the movie. Superman doesn't even know his own limits. While him working on the farm and growing with his powers is a good start, dangerous farm equipment isn't really a great test. Sticking your hand into tractor blades is not as good to gauge the amount of damage he can take as lets say, being shot by a tank.

closest's to the point i was trying to convey.

Superman vs Batman will be an epic movie regardless. Although not as good as the Animated series episodes titled Worlds Finest.

Another issue regarding DC and Superman are the t.v. shows. I get that DC and Warner Brothers want to save their big names for the silver screen, i do, its all about the money. With Supergirl on the way and Arrow, the Flash, Gotham, and Constantine kicking ass DC effectively owns television. I would love to see a strictly Superman show on the air. Smallville was great but wasn't Superman till the last episode. A Batman show would be good also. [Gotham](series:1127075) is doing a good job at showing us a pre-Batman city, but I would like a Batman show. DC should consider double dipping. By that I mean use the shows to show us whats happening in between movies. Maybe at least crossovers. Marvel's [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469) has shown that the movies and t.v. shows can and should crossover.

Finally more animated series such as the original teen titans, (live action show in the works I hear) Young Justice, and of course the Bruce Timm Batman show and Superman (Not directly Timms work but styled as it).

P.S. Warner Bros. bring back the Animaniacs, those are the facts!


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