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This list will exclude Marvel characters that have already been confirmed to be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or already been part of it (As in any Marvel character that's going to be part of cinema. This includes FOX and Sony). This also excludes characters that will have their own television series.


Moon Knight

Marvel needs this man on their roster of badasses in the MCU! Moon Knight I find is one of the most, if not the most interesting character that Marvel has created.

Marc Spector a Jewish born man from the city of Chicago and raised by his Rabbi father did not exactly see eye-to-eye. During the 1930's Marc's family fled Europe in an escape of the Holocaust. This painfully troubled Marc as a child. Wondering how could his father not stand up, fight for his brothers and sisters! This disgusted him. Leading him to renounce his faith and live a life of rebellion.

As a young man, Marc became a promising heavyweight boxer, but it seemed like destiny had other plans for him. Instead of pursuing a flamboyant career as a successful prizefighter, he joined the United States Marine Corps as a gunslinging commando! You would think after all that Uncle Sam would be done with him, and with a certificate saying "Thanks Marc for serving our country and being an American badass!" . Oh no, no. Shortly afterwards, Marc was recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to carry out black operations. This led him to work alongside fellow agent William Cross who would later become one of Moon Knight's villains, Crossfire.

However, Marc wasn't the only Spector in the field of espionage, his brother Randall worked alongside him for the CIA. In an unfortunate turn of events, his brother would soon become a mortal enemy. See, Randall wasn't the most trustworthy guy. Betrayed the CIA, secretly smuggling and selling weapons to the black market. Things escalated quickly! Marc's lover knew this had to reported, ASAP. In an attempt to turn Randall in she was brutally murdered with a meat cleaver. Filled with immense rage and hatred in his heart... Marc knew what he to do. After hunting down his brother Randall the two Spector's fought to the death. Unfortunately for Marc his opportunity to kill his brother was stolen from him. His brother was seemingly killed by an exploding grenade? Hah, go figure.

After all the drama Marc was finished with the bullshit he had to put up with in the CIA. From that day forward Marc became an independent contractor, but maybe he should've stuck with the CIA? Why? Because Marc dug himself in a hole when he started working for terrorist, Raoul Bushman. Pretty much Marc's conscious began to kick in when Bushman pointlessly murdered archaeologist Dr. Peter Alraune, so he could blunder a tomb in Selima, Sudan that belonged to an Egyptian Pharaoh.

Having enough of Bushman's antics Marc deiced to help Alraune's daughter Marlene escape from Raoul's attention. Things didn't go according to plan for Marc. Bushman brutally beats him and abandons him in the desert to die. With the little strength he has left, he drags his body to the ancient tomb for shelter. Marlene and her father's men rush towards Marc's to aid him. They rest him against the statue of the moon god, Khonshu. Marc Spector takes his final breath. Marlene begins to cry over her rescuer's lifeless corpse... Suddenly!

There's breathing. Could it be? Yes, yes it is! Marc Spector lives! Spector has come back to life and he grabs Marlene closer to himself. He had a vision that Khonshu the moon god had brought him back from the dead! To become the Moon's Knight of Vengeance aka Moon Knight...

What makes Moon Knight stand out?

  • He's one of Marvel's not so joyous characters. Very dark and grim character.
  • Besides characters like Deadpool, Blade, Ghost Rider and The Punisher. Moon Knight is a legitimate anti-hero. He has good intentions, but he'll kill you in brutal fashion without hesitation.
  • Marc Spector is so screwed up in the head that he has developed multiple personalities and lives a life of 3 aliases! The first alias is himself just a former heavyweight boxer, US Marine, CIA agent and ex-mercenary. Second alias is a sociopathic, multi-millionaire, entrepreneur, high-roller and an elite of New York City by the name of Steve Grant. His final alias is Jake Lockley a New York cab driver that makes a lot of contacts within the underground world of New York City.
  • Moon Knight's origin, costume, and the way he handles his enemies kinda makes Batman look like chump. This is coming from a big Batman fan!


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Laura Kinney aka X-23

A lot of Marvel fans are dying to see a standalone female superhero film. Guess what?! We might just get that movie in the future when Captain Marvel hits theaters on July 6, 2018! Hmm, what if... Now bear with me for a minute. What if Fox released an X-23 movie before a Captain Marvel film? I say "Hell yeah!" to that because Laura Kinney in my opinion is the epitome of ferociousness and danger.

Laura is not a character that's out there trying to become the next big sex symbol. She's an efficient, ruthless-killer that can easily give her old man a run for his money. She is the perfect weapon. I tell you right now, I would be far more excited for a X-23 movie than any Wonder Woman, She-Hulk, Black Widow or Captain Marvel film. FOX you better make this movie happen! Anyways, enough of the jibber-jabber let's find out who Laura Kinney aka X-23 really is...

Created out of a secret organization called the 'Facility'. Laura is the product of cloning from Wolverine's damaged DNA and the Facility's 23rd attempt at recreating Weapon X. Raised by scientist Sarah Kinney, who takes the role of a mother-figure and the woman that made the birth of X-23 all possible. At the age of seven, X-23 is put into excruciating mental, emotional and physical training in order to become the perfect replication of her father, Wolverine. If not a far greater killer than himself. X-23 is also exposed to the 'Trigger Scent' so her body is conditioned and familiarized with the chemicals.

If you're wondering what exactly is Trigger Scent? It's a chemical that is triggered throughout Laura's entire body that sends her into a berserker rage in which she cannot tell friend from foe. Basically, she kills anyone that crosses her line of sight!

To make things worse for a child she was constantly mentally (and physically) tortured to strip her of any of her humanity. To make her more machine than human. Even with the abuse X-23 faced she had an angel of sorts watching over her, the scientist, Sarah Kinney. Disobeying orders Sarah would treat X-23 as a child and read to her children's stories. Between the ages of 7-9 Laura's claws are laced with adamantium... By age 11 an assassin was born. She becomes one of the world's most sought after assassins! Her skills were sold to the highest bidder as she lives the life as a living, breathing, walking guillotine.

Trigger Scent activated: The killing of Martin Sutter and his wife (the son's life was spared).
Trigger Scent activated: The killing of Martin Sutter and his wife (the son's life was spared).

Things go south when Sarah's niece is kidnapped by a child molester! Sarah quickly reaches out to X-23 to track down and rescue her niece. This act does not sit well with her employees. After a turn of events, Sarah realizes it's the right thing to do - set X-23 free. This realization hits home when she finds out Dr. Zander Rice had been using X-23 for his own personal agendas. Dr. Rice ordered X-23 to assassinate Martin Sutter (head of project Weapon X-23) and his family.

Enough! Sarah realizes without any doubt that getting X-23 away from the madness of Dr. Rice is of the utmost importance. However, before X-23 makes her escape Sarah makes a request of her - kill the remaining Weapon X experiments which are X-24 through X-50. Sarah realizes there was no need for anymore Weapon X's she had to make this happen... X-23 was successful in killing them, but sadly in the escape from the facility Sarah Kinney was killed by X-23 after she was dosed with Trigger Scent by Dr. Rice.

The Trigger Scent has worn off, X-23 has come to her senses and rushes towards Sarah's body. In her last dying breath Sarah gives X-23 the name "Laura". Sarah goes on to tell her that she's her mother, and that she loves her. This is a moment when a killing machine becomes a child mourning for her mother. As Laura lies beside the lifeless, cold body of her mother... She begins to beg for her mother not to leave as tears pour down her cheeks.

What makes X-23 stand out?

  • Underneath all that cold metal lives a scared little girl that doesn't know what to make of herself in this dark world she born into. This makes for a very interesting story to watch unfold on the big screen. She may be a killer, but she has a heart of gold.
  • I find her having very witty and somewhat of a smartass personality like her pops. The dialogue between her and Wolverine can sometimes be pretty hysterical. An overall no nonsense character that's straight to the point. So it's certainly Lauren's personality which makes her stand out.
  • I'm not entirely sure if this sounds rude? It's only my opinion... I find X-23 one of few female superheroes that doesn't come off corny or just a blatant rip-off of their male counterpart. She of course has similarities to her father, Wolverine. Still, at the end of the day she's her own character, personality and so forth. Simply put she's a badass!


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Namor the Sub-Mariner

He is the great king of Atlantis. He has been both friend and foe to the surface world. No, this isn't Aquaman. This is the Sub-Mariner! He is the fiercest warrior of the seven seas and he is godlike in his presence. All shall kneel before Namor your king.

Namor is one of Marvel's oldest and original characters from the Golden Age of Comics. Created on April 1939 by Bill Everett (same guy that created Daredevil). I find it amazing that with the likes of Iron Man, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Black Widow and freakin' Ant-Man! Still, there's no sign of Namor who is one of Marvel's oldest characters and one of their most popular characters too. This guy deserves so much respect. He is to me what you think of living, breathing, rage. Simply put Namor is a character with a hot temper and it's best to stay far away from him.

Somewhat similar to his DC counterpart, Aquaman. Namor is a hybrid of both species Human and Atlantean. Namor McKenzie is the son of Captain Leonard Stuart McKenzie and Atlantean royalty, Princess Fen daughter of Emperor Tha-Korr. In the year of 1920 Captain McKenzie took an expedition to Antartica in search of the Helmet of Power. During the search, McKenzie's ship named 'The Oracle' was stuck between ice floes. In an attempt to set The Oracle free, McKenzie ordered his men to set up explosive charges along the ice floes to free the ship Unknown to the crew, they were sitting right on top of Atlantis and this caused a big problem!

The blast from the charges ended up severely damaging the city of Atlantis. Without any hesitation the Atlantean ruler, Emperor Tha-Korr ordered Princess Fen to send warriors up the surface to investigate. Always having the best intentions for her fellow Atlanteans, Fen decided to make a foolish decision by making the journey to the surface alone in an effort to NOT endanger anyone else. Upon reaching the ship, Fen was immediately captured and brought aboard. Due to the language barriers between Atlanteans and Humans, Fen was unable to communicate with anyone on the ship. The princess was a captive on the ship for days. Over time both she and Captain McKenzie grew very fond of one another. Ultimately, as their love grew stronger they decided to get married.... Still, what was Tha-Korr doing this entire time?

Since the day his daughter has gone missing, the emperor had his warriors searching the surface for his beloved child, Fen. Weeks later the Atlantean warriors finally found the ship that held their princess. Believing that Captain McKenzie and his men were holding their princess against her will. The Atlanteans boarded the ship and quickly slaughtered every man on it, Including McKenzie. The princess was brought home, but something beautiful was born from all the chaos and tragedy. The very first hybrid born between Human and Atlantean. The child was a boy and the name given to him would be - Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner.

What makes Namor stand out?

  • Namor is by every definition a king.With his straight-forward, demanding personality it certainly helps make his presence known when he walks into a room.
  • Namor is in no way, shape or form out to please anyone on the Avengers. He easily play both the role of a villain or hero. Just don't get in his way.
  • An Illuminati council member.
  • Has an interesting love affair with Sue Storm.


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I'm kinda on the fences for this character to be part of the MCU. Personally, I've never been a fan of She-Hulk... Still, there's always room for improvement and I must admit I love her dialogue in comics. She's very witty and charming. Please Marvel, if you do add She-Hulk in a movie at least make her look gruesome like her cousin Bruce Banner when he transforms into the Incredible Hulk. I mean she is She-"Hulk", right?

Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk has a very straightforward not so complex origin story. Jennifer is the younger cousin of scientist Bruce Banner aka The Incredible Hulk. As children, Jennifer was very close to her cousin as they developed a sister and brother relationship. As adults, they started to go their separate ways. Jennifer pursued a career in law. She would attend UCLA, becoming one of the top legal scholars while earning her junior doctor degree. After that she went to Harvard to earn her Master's degree. During this time Bruce wanted to visit Jennifer and re-establish their once tight relationship. On that very day things didn't go according to plan...

Jennifer was shot and severely wounded by men that worked for crime boss Nicholas Trask. An enemy of her father and an enemy of Jennifer's former client. This was payback! In order to save his cousin's life, Bruce gave her a blood transfusion of his own blood. There were no donors around in this situation that held her blood type so this became a do or die situation. Jennifer woke up in the hospital scared and confused not knowing what exactly how she got here, but there were other things to worry about. Nicholas Trask sent three of his men dressed as doctors in the hospital where Jennifer was staying in to finish the job. Luckily for Jennifer she quickly recognized the three men. In terror for her life, her body began to transform as she turned for the very first time!

With relative ease, Jennifer eliminated her would-be killers.... From now on Ms. Walters would walk this planet as the savage, She-Hulk!

Now that's savage!
Now that's savage!

What makes She-Hulk standout?

  • Opposite of her cousin Bruce Banner, Jennifer has the ability to transform at will as She-Hulk while still retaining her intelligence and ability of speech.
  • Jennifer Walters is one of few Marvel heroes that actually acquired a college degree.
  • She is a highly successful lawyer and sometimes appears as She-Hulk in court for a more dramatic entrance.
  • Able to lift over 100 tons with ease.


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There's Superman for DC then there's Sentry for Marvel... May God help us all.

Sentry is a tricky character to bring to the big screen and for all we know he could be in talks to make a surprise cameo around the Civil War. Now, I'm not talking about the all suited up Sentry, but his alias Robert Reynolds. Perhaps have a quick scene at the prison, Raft. A prison that looks similar to Alcatraz, instead it's built specifically to house super-villains. By the way, Reynolds is only locked up in Raft because he voluntarily imprisoned himself for the murder of his wife.

I know things are starting to sound a bit rocky at this point for a superhero origin - Hey! Bare with me. In the year 2000 Robert Reynolds suddenly regains his memory that he's a super-powered being known as the Sentry. A godlike being that possesses the power of one million exploding suns! His memory fully starts to come back. Guess what?! He remembers his arch nemesis, the Void is returning to Earth. He immediately begins seeking out some of Marvel's greatest superheroes to warn them of the coming threat. As Sentry talks to various superheroes, their memories are also restored, they remember Sentry and the Void.

Why doesn't the rest of Marvel remember who Sentry and the Void is?

Reed Richards and Robert Reynolds make an amazing discovery. The Void is actually Sentry and Sentry is the Void. Void and Sentry are nothing more than a torn psyche of Reynolds. They're the same person. The main reason why the world had no recollection about the Void was because Reynolds used his power to erase Sentry from the memory of everyone in the world, including himself - thereby, destroying the Void once and for all. With that said Reynolds must make the ultimate sacrifice again in order to save the world from the Void.

Eventually, Robert regains his memory, joins the Avengers and fight alongside them (and against them).

What makes Sentry stand out?

  • Besides the kinda confusing origin story it's actually very unique and adds a whole new element to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We're talking about one of Marvels' most deadliest and powerful character. A character that has an origin story built entirely on a memory loss. I think Sentry/Void would make a great hero/villain for an Avengers movie.
  • He's so ridiculously strong that he withstood an immensely enraged Hulk to a draw in a fight alone. The fight left both heroes turning back into their mortal forms. Did I mention he destroyed Asgard by simply flying through the foundation!
  • His arch- nemesis is himself, the Void. That's some scary sh*t!
  • According to mutant, Emma Frost, Sentry is one of the most powerful telepaths on Earth. Having the ability to erase the memory of his existence from every person on the planet.
  • He's a bad dude, end of story.


Would You Like To See Sentry In The MCU?


Honorable Mentions:



Misty Knight


White Tiger (Angela del Toro)

Young Avengers

Miles Morales


Beta Ray Bill




Blue Marvel

Cloak & Dagger

Black Cat



Black Knight


Squirrel Girl

Ahh, I gotcha!


That's it guys! I hope you enjoyed my list and let me know in the comments section below which superhero would you like to see make it to the big screen?

Have a nice day and thanks for reading.


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