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With the release of the new [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) trailer, people have been waiting (impatiently) for explanation of all that awesomeness, wait no longer, clarity has arrived!

For those of you who haven't seen the trailer yet (if people like that exist ;P) here it is:

The trailer opens with an ominous playing of “strings” from Pinocchio and flashes of terrified people fleeing some disaster. This alone can tell us the stakes have certainly been raised in this next Avengers installment. The trailer continues to show us flashes of our favorite avengers including Captain America, Hawkeye, and Iron Man.

Next up we hear Ultron saying “Everyone creates what they dread”, I know, creepy right! The trailer continues to show us images but it says something interesting, it says Ultron in the flesh. I may be reading into this a bit too much, and correct me if I’m wrong, but could that be hinting at Ultron’s famed takeover of Tony Stark from the comics? Anyhow, we then get to see Black Widow (yay!) more destruction, explosions, the works. Then Nick Fury keeping with the depressed mood says it doesn’t matter if we win or lose.

There has been much controversy over the next image, one of a bald female inside a cave. Personally I believe its moon dragon, but that would be a whole other discussion. Thor expresses some (justified) frustration at Tony for his creation of Ultron. Next we see Iron Man getting his butt kicked by Scarlet Witch, the first actual combat we have gotten to see with her. Then, we see some more of Black Widow, and that section of the trailer culminates in one of the creepiest scenes of a body being held down, and surgical equipment being grabbed.

Next one of Ultron’s soldier’s rampages down a freeway, showing that the Avengers didn’t localize the destruction so well in this film. We also get to see the familiar scene with Ultron’s soldiers climbing up a rock wall. More, Iron Man action, and then… Hulk smashes police? Clearly Hulk has lost control and nothing but Hulk buster armor can take him down! We see Black Widow with two very large guns inside of a compound, my guess is that it’s the compound the twins were in. Pressing on we get to see a jet flying over a damaged city, and our brave Captain battling none other than Ultron himself. Some screaming people, the familiar scene between hulk and black widow, which in my opinion has nothing to do with romance, but that is completely off topic.

The trailer resolves with us seeing some awesome Ultron action with him blasting red beams from his hand, Thor being hit by lightning and getting hurt? That probably recommends sorcery, because just like lightning didn’t hurt Zeus it certainly wouldn’t hurt Thor. We get a partial second of Scarlet Which, then we get to see Thor grabbing Tony by the neck, bringing truth to Ultron’s words “I’m going to destroy you from the inside”. Captain America is on his Avenging cycle, and the avengers are gathered for a brief second as black widow says “Oh boy”, this scene likely comes right before the big battle between the team and Ultron. Our final image is iron man and Hulk beating the tar out of each other.

Drop me a comment about what you thought, pro’s, con’s anything I missed, this is my first post so I’d love to take some tips!


What was the biggest moment to you in this trailer?


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