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The second Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer just dropped and to be honest ... I nerdgasmed. Apart from the speculated appearance of Black Panthers body guard and Black Panther himself, I noticed something else really quite interesting.

Ultron appears to team up with both Scarlett witch and Quicksilver but in this new trailer it is more apparent Ultron exploits them both.

Scarlett Witch has the ability to control illusions and read a persons mind, just a small portion of her abilities. The quote makes me believe that Scarlett witch is against the Avengers along with Quicksilver ... for a time.

The Theory

Scarlett Witch And Quicksilver in their comic form
Scarlett Witch And Quicksilver in their comic form

Ultron uses Scarlett witch through some convoluted enticement to mentally attack the Avengers. The resulting attacks lead to the Avengers to disband through a series of confrontations. Captain America takes black Widow and Hawk eye while Iron Man is forced to deal with an angered hulk under Scarlett Witches influence.


While an enraged Bruce Banner rips up a city that would seem to be in south Africa, Cap takes black widow and Hawk eye away as Stark takes care of the situation.

Educated Guess: Red Eye means under witches control
Educated Guess: Red Eye means under witches control

I do however think that Black Widow is able to calm hulk down in a Betty Ross kind of role ... That is a whole different can of worms. However for all intents and purposes the Avengers get ripped apart like a kid slashing away at cotton candy, as stated in the leaked Scene, which leads me to my next point.

The whole team is effected

That and the following dialogue tells me that a small segment of this movie may be set in Asgard, but I digress.

'We don't know what the Maximoff kid showed him.'

So Thor has been effected by her mind abilities as well, so everyone has had a dose of Maximoff mind melding. We all can guess what Scarlett witch showed Stark ... Ultron in all his metallic glory of course! As for black widow her demons are when she was experimented on to improve her combat effectiveness. Captain America has more demons than most after the winter soldier and the whole being frozen for ages. Hawk eye I don't really know, he's kind of the old one out here as he has already been the victim of mind control.

While the Avengers are at their weakest and most vulnerable Ultron would likely use the power of Quicksilver and Scarlett witch to decimate the Avengers. Even if they are not dead, Ultron knows he has them on the back foot. However I am expecting a brilliant betrayal scene in this movie where Ultron tries to kill the Maximoff twins. After ward they both team with the avengers and destroy Ultron ... or do they.

Ultron used them from the beginning

That's right ... How does it feel to be used?
That's right ... How does it feel to be used?

At this point I'd like to point out this is all my own opinion of things that I would both like to and could happen.

Ultron used them all for his own gain. He leaks the location of where he is located to which the Avengers respond and go through a rigorous operation of dismantling drones until they find Ultron. They kill him in an anti-climactic scene then receive word an attack is under way in a city we do not know the name of.

Ultron lured them away to expand the time frame for his minions to recover enough Vibranium through ... you guessed it, Ulysses Klaw, played by Andy Serkis. if your a comic book reader of the franchise then you can probabley see where I'm going with this but in short, Ultron uses everyone in order to assure himself victory.

Klaw killed T'Chaka, the father of Black Panther
Klaw killed T'Chaka, the father of Black Panther

The city we see in this new trailer could be within Wakanda, the secret hyper-advanced African nation ruled by Black Panther himself ... and Ultron has it in the palm of his hand. The scene with the seemingly de-robing woman could be a glimpse into the necropolis, Wakanda's city of the dead. A potential new base for the Avengers.

Avengers: Age of Ultron sets up several movies to come so anything is possible, especially with Joss Whedon ... King of the nerds. To sum this up Ultron is a great villain and one so versatile almost anything could happen. Age of Ultron arrives in cinemas May 1st of this year, are you going to see Ultron rip the Avengers apart?


Is Ultron manipulating all these elements to make a great mind mulching movie?


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