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Dominique LifeIs Payne

So the new DC animated movie Justice League: Throne of Atlantis comes out in a few weeks on Blu-Ray and DVD, but I've seen it a bit early and figured you all might want some insight on what to expect.

This movie is a direct follow up to the Justice League War film and both films exist in the same cinematic animated universe as the recently released Batman film 'Son of Batman'. None of these movies however, are connected to the DC filmed released directly before this one 'Batman: Assault on Arkham' that film operates in a separate world.

So getting right into it, first things first... I won't be spoiling any major plot twists or anything deeper than the general gist of what happened.

For my comic book fans out there who have read the Throne of Atlantis story arc.. yes they have made a few changes and left a good amount out, but its only about a 70 min film so that's to be expected. This story boils down to a brother v brother story as the two opposing forces collide in an attempt to ascend to the throne that will draw many comparisons to Marvel's Thor and Loki dynamic but with a significantly different tone.

Throughout the film we see a few different side plots such as the development of Clark and Diana's relationship from the first film (Justice League War). Another subplot is that of Cyborgs who is surprisingly the second most featured character in this movie and his struggle to cope with his new condition in given recurring attention at various points in the movie.

Whats interesting about this film is that since it's a [Aquaman](movie:264237) centered story and serves as his origin story as well, a few of the other League members were not only pushed to the side, but their power levels seemed to be lowered to highlight Arthur's. During the epic final fight, we see each of the JL members attempt to attack and subdue the movie's main antagonist, Orm (or Ocean Master) but each of them, including Superman and Green Lantern are effortlessly dispatched while when fighting Aquaman, the fight appears to be on a more equal footing, even though Arthur is the newest out of them all at using his powers in serious combat. This was no doubt an earnest attempt at highlighting the Brother against Brother theme of the movie, but to me it just seemed a bit too obvious and took me out of the movie for a few moments.

The movie had great action in my opinion and fully embraced the PG-13 rating with several bloody encounters, dismemberment, stabbings and gruesome beheadings.

There were also cameos of other characters before they become superheroes and the movie shows us the spark that sends them down the path to their eventual dual identies, which is always cool.

All in all the movie was good, could have probably been served better with an extra ten to fifteen min, but otherwise an enjoyable experience.

Oh.. and yes.. there's an after credits scene... but truthfully it was a bit underwhelming.


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