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There has been a lot of rumors, some even coming from those who have reportedly gotten their hands on a copy of a draft of the [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) script by Chris Terrio, on exactly how much Justice League set-up there will be in Batman vs Superman. Can we expect all the JL major players to show up by the end of the movie?

While on IMDb is nothing definitive, a look at the full cast listing makes it seem pretty certain that Cyborg and [Aquaman](movie:264237) will be showing up alongside Bats, Supes and Wonder Woman. And The Flash making an appearance doesn't seem like too far fetched an idea seeing as he's the one other Justice League player that has already been cast by DC.

Don't count The Flash out of Batman v Superman
Don't count The Flash out of Batman v Superman

The other rumor that makes the idea of all these characters showing up credible is that Lex Luthor will be doing some sort of Professor X type metahuman tracking and keeping tabs on the world's superheroes. This is supposedly how Wonder Woman gets brought into the picture and presumably the likes of Aquaman as well.

We know that [Wonder Woman](movie:45787)'s origins are falling in line with DC Comics' current New 52 universe and it makes sense that they would do the same with the Justice League. The New 52 Justice League's founding members are Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, the Flash and Cyborg - so the only one missing from Batman vs Superman could be Green Lantern.

Is this the lineup for the Justice League movies?
Is this the lineup for the Justice League movies?

Since there have been some changes happening in the Justice League comic book, most notably the departure of Green Lantern (and the addition of Atom, Firestorm and Element Woman), the DC movie universe could take this as an opportunity to delay their work on a Green Lantern reboot - seeing as they haven't scheduled his next solo venture until 2020.

What's being rumored about the actual Justice League movie is even more speculative but there was a recent post on Comic Book Movie that adds some fuel to the fire.

It is a unwieldy info dump that purports to say a lot of things about Batman vs Superman and it's segue into [Justice League Part One](movie:401267) - notably, that yes, the Justice League script is indeed long with enough material for three movies, not just two. It also says that Hal Jordan's Green Lantern will indeed show up early on in the first Justice League and that the main bad guy will be Brainiac spawn Vril Dox. Justice League is also rumored here to open up DC's multiverse concept with the idea being that Shazam will exist in one of these alternate Earths.

Yeah, that's some tasty gossip to chew on but it does feel like just that at the time being. Are superhero movie fans ready to jump into DC's multi-universe world?


Is it really a Justice League without Green Lantern?


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