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Agent Carter and Marvel Show that DC cant take all the glory with Comic book TV.

Part I- Agent Carter

If you watched Agent Carter last night you would know its the second week and it is really starting to get interesting after Alfred oops I mean Jarvis was taken into custody for questioning but then agent Carter destroys the file on the case and Jarvis goes free agent Carter finding where some of Howard Stark's stolen inventions are and have Jarvis give an anonymous tip doing his impression of New Yorker. so an agent investigates and find the evidence and a witness left knocked out by agent carter and Jarvis but on his way taking the witness into custody a hit man kills both of them for agent carter to find out the next day I can only wonder what we will see next week.

Part II- Marvel TV

During Agent Carter the was a short promo for Marvel's daredevil on Netflix its the first I have seen on TV and I am happy to see how well Marvel seems to be doing with the TV. I hope that they will release the first trailer for daredevil during agent carter. With daredevil and marvels plans for the Defenders they might be starting something even greater then when DC is doing on the CW and there is one factor about the daredevil and the defenders that sets them apart from DC's TV shows and that is the possibilitys of it crossing over with the cinematic universe in fact its almost guaranteed so are you excited for the Defenders


What TV show are you excited for


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