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Kit Simpson Browne

Question: How do you improve upon The Avengers, one of the most beloved movies of all time?

If you answered Avengers: Age of Ultron, then good optimism, and I'm right there with you - but I was thinking something a little more...practical. A little...funnier.

A little*

(* Note, memes can't actually improve The Avengers, but they sure can make us all laugh...)

Now, there are a whole lot of contenders out there for the title of 'Funniest Avengers Meme' - and to be honest, there'll probably never be a definitive answer as to which one'll win out.

But, that doesn't mean this new one (which recently popped up on Imgur) isn't going to try...

Which, in fairness, is pretty darned funny...

The thing is, though, there are a whole lot of awesome Avengers memes, gags, gifs and tomfoolery out there - and picking the funniest is a whole lot harder than it looks. So, rather than blindly choose, I thought I'd open the floor up to you guys to decide.

First, though - here are ten more of my personal favorites...

1. Iron Man vs. Superman

Because, y'know what? That's a fair point...

2. Iron Man of Thrones

The mashup we all deserve.

3. An Awesome, Childhood-Shattering Realization

It makes so much sense now!

4. A Gloriously Goofy Joke

That is, in fairness, totally true.

5. Science Bros


6. Two Very Different Approaches to Crime-fighting

Although, in fairness, that didn't go too well for his mansion...

7. An Old Favorite

Because honestly, it had to be done.

8. The Return to Iron Man of Thrones

Because let's be honest, Tony Stark wouldn't have waited for a wedding.

9. A Behind the Scenes Look at the Team

Which is actually kind of a downer...

And, of course...

10. The classic 'Hey Batman'....

Just because.

The big question now, though? What's your favorite Avengers (or Marvel) meme?

Let us know below!


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