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Could it be that after all this time, the Black Dahlia case has been solved? Retired LAPD detective Steve Hodel certainly thinks so...

The Black Dahlia is LA's most famous unsolved crime

On January 15, 1947 the body of Elizabeth Short was in Los Angeles' Leimert Park. Initially mistaken for a dressmaker's dummy, the corpse was cut in two at the waist, badly mutilated and totally drained of blood. Her face had been slashed into a grisly smile from ear to ear.

Ex-P.I. and Cop Steve Hodel has a theory

Snowden House: the Black Dahlia crime scene?
Snowden House: the Black Dahlia crime scene?

Hodel joined forces with fellow ex-cop Paul Dostie and his sniffer dog, Buster, to investigate LA's Snowden House as a potential crime scene linked to the Black Dahlia case. Buster quickly found four separate locations in the basement where he smelled human remains.

The suspect? Hodel's father, Dr. George Hodel

George Hodel: the Black Dahlia killer?
George Hodel: the Black Dahlia killer?

The massive twist in this case is that Hodel suspects his own father! Dr. George Hodel was actually questioned by the LAPD at the time of Short's murder for molesting his daughter, Steve's sister. He was placed under surveillance but ultimately dismissed as a suspect... until Steve found an old photo in his father's possessions that seems to be of Elizabeth Short.

Is Steve Hodel for real, or just selling his book?

The evidence is certainly interesting - detectives reported hearing sounds of a woman being attacked from the basement of the Snowden House, and Dr. George Hodel fled to Asia soon after the murder - but the evidence remains circumstantial. Steve Hodel's books are no doubt intriguing and well researched, but many suspect his judgement is clouded by his proximity to the suspect...

The Black Dahlia Case haunts TV and film to this day

From Brian De Palma's The Black Dahlia to countless documentaries and a storyline on American Horror Story, the Black Dahlia case is one that fascinates, repels and frightens the American public still... what do you think?


Do you think that Dr. George Hodel was the Black Dahlia killer?

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