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Avengers: Age of Ultron might still be months away, and pretty well shrouded in secrecy, but that doesn't mean there aren't hundreds of small spoilers heading our way in the meantime.

(And, on that note, potential Age of Ultron SPOILERS below)

Now, some of those spoilers are going to head our way in the form of leaks, others in officially sanctioned articles, and others still from actual, factual video footage from the movie. Some, though, are going to come via a different route.

Like, for instance, the newly revealed line of Hasbro action figures for the movie, which might just have revealed a surprise superhero cameo.

That's right - if Hasbro is to be believed, then...

We're Set to See War Machine in Age of Ultron

Yup, that War Machine.

Now, we already knew that Don Cheadle would be appearing in Age of Ultron - Rhodey has, after all, already made an appearance in the movie's first trailer:

But, as of yet, there've been no real suggestions that Rhodey will be donning the War Machine armor - let alone joining the Avengers outright.

That, though, could be about to change - as Hasbro has just released an image of this:

Namely the War Machine & Captain America 2.5-inch Deluxe Figure Set.

Which, it seems, suggests we'll be seeing Rhodey suit up in just a few short months.

Or...Are We?

The only problem with that?


That'd be the LEGO set from Iron Man 3 that featured Iron Man fighting The Mandarin.

Which, unless I fundamentally mis-remember what Ben Kingsley did in that movie, didn't ever happen - the reason being that toy companies are allowed a fair bit of leeway when it comes to their movie tie-in lines.

Case in point? These Ultron drone toys that Hasbro has also produced.

The existence of which, in fairness, may well suggest that we're set to see some awesome, insectoid Ultron drones in the movie - but probably doesn't mean we're about to see a bunch of Ultron cars.

Similarly, War Machine - if he does appear - probably won't be riding a space-cycle. That's all just creative license.

Could We Still See War Machine, Then?

Well, actually - we totally could.

Seeing as Don Cheadle has already appeared in an Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer - and is a pretty huge part of Iron Man's universe - it doesn't seem too unreasonable to assume that he will, in fact, suit up in the movie. After all, Tony's going to need some allies if he and Cap really do break the Avengers up into two teams at the movie's close...

Just...maybe don't get your heart set on seeing that space-cycle...

What do you guys think, though?


Will we see a suited up War Machine in Avengers: Age of Ultron?

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