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Parents often plonk their kids in front of the ol' television in order to keep them out of mischief and away from such dangers as motorcars, creepy old guys, and vitamin D.

But, even in some kid's television shows there is content that I'm sure the more strict parents wouldn't be particularly keen on. It's alright though, because most of these jokes likely went sailing over the heads of the vast majority of kids who saw them. However, if your kids do get all of these jokes straight away, that might be some cause for concern...

I'm Sure He's Just Really into Papier-Mache...

Rocko's Modern Strife

Stay Away From This Guy, Kids

While We're On the Subject

I'm Sure There's a Perfectly Innocent Explanation...

Speedy Gonzales Gets Around

Maybe He Owns Horses?

Harley Quim

With Great Power, Comes Great Embarrassment

Getting Funky with Prince

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Can you think of anymore risky risqué humor in kid's shows? Let us know below.


Which is your favorite adult joke in a kids TV show?

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