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Emma Stone has being getting the recognition she deserves for being super hilarious recently, which reminded me of the awesome time she totally owned being trolled in front of a live studio audience.

A cracking sense of humor is clearly par-for-course in the Stone family because Emma's brother Spencer wrote her a spoof acceptance speech for the 'Hot and Funny' Guy's Choice Award that proved Stone lived up to the title magnificently.

For those of you who having seen this magnificent example of the hilarity that occurs when two Stones join forces, here is a breakdown of the events below.

Spencer told his older sister that if she won, she had to read the following speech.

Emma Stone kept her promise...And Rocked it

I'm sorry Emma, but Spencer's full on Johnny Bravo eyebrow wriggling at the end of this totally won the speech for me.

How Mila resisted, I will never know!


Emma Stone is...

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