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Fan artists are awesome. I love the way they can take our favorite established cartoon characters and show us a completely different side of them I'd never have imagined before!

You'll likely recognize every character on this list, but each one has been given a unique and original twist to completely re-invent the illustrations from your childhood.

Some of them are hilarious, some are even horrific, but ALL are completely badass! Check 'em out:

1. SpongeBob ScarePants

SpongeBob looks super menacing with his new fully-sponged out body shape. It's kinda creepy, but I love it.

[Source: Laura Ramirez]

2. You Won't Like Winnie When He's Angry

Winnie's awesome Hulk-like transformation is a whole lot less kid friendly than the original. 'Honey SMASH!'

[Source: Cameron Harper]

3. If Wall-E Was Made by Skynet

[Source: Rafael S. Benedicto]

4. Micky the Maniacal Mouse

I think Mickey might have stopped taking his medication...

[Source: Darko Kreculj]

5. Hells Angel Homer

Homer's gruff new biker look - complete with tattoos dedicated to the ladies in his life - is truly inspired!

[Source: Andrew Hou]

6. Jasmine

The famous Arabic princess enters a whole new, much darker world.

[Source: Jeffrey Thomas]

7. The Lion King

Timon and Pumbaa have never looked scarier!

[Source: Jeffrey Thomas]

8. Mulan and Mushu

Mulan was always a pretty badass heroine, but this raises the ancient warrior to a whole new level!

[Source: Jeffrey Thomas]

9. Undead Ariel

I'm not sure I'd want to be rescued by this undead mermaid.

[Source: Jeffrey Thomas]

10. Snow White and the Seven Devils

It's like a childhood nightmare has come to life!

[Source: Jeffrey Thomas]

11. Scooby-Doo

Scooby dooby doo, where are you? We got some fools to blast away now.

[Source: Marek Rudowski]

12. Evil in a Diaper

Phil and Lil conjoin to create an evil twin nightmare straight out of a George Romero movie.

[Source: Tohad]

13. Wreck it Ralph

I'd hate to have this badass version of Ralph as my enemy!

[Source: Dan Luvisi]


What's your favorite cartoon transformation?


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