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If there's one thing we've learned from movies, it's not to mess with nature. From Jurassic Park to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, it's clear Hollywood has been trying to teach us this lesson - but man will not listen.

Now, a band of genetic-manipulating redditors - armed with their photoshop brushes - have come together to create some truly bizarre animal hybrids. Some of them are creepy, some hilarious, but all are absolutely awesome!

Prepare yourself for the best of nature's cutting room floor:

The Lleagle

This formidable crossbreed ruthlessly stalks its prey from above, before swooping down to lick its chosen target's face.

[Source: zschenker]

The Sea-Gorillion

The ever graceful Sea-Gorillion attempts to attract a mate by striking its trademark triple-chin pose.

[Source: Luke Robson]

The Crabadillo

The Crabadillo must always take care not to fall on its shell by losing its footing. Once on its back, it's simply game over for the eight-legged creature.

[Source: scotty_beams]

The Alligorse

Illegal underground Alligorse races are always a brutal affair.

[Source: BruceWillisWasAGhost]

The Sharkgull

Sharkgulls have been known to cause mass hysteria at busy beach resorts, often due their insatiable appetite for ice cream.

[Source: malevolent_moose]

The Wolfupine

In some rare cases, this exquisite mammal has been spotted using its spines to extract animal flesh from its teeth.

[Source: biosac]

The Kangareindeer

Come Winter or Summer, the Kangareindeer can adapt to any weather conditions with ease.

[Source: feathers89]

The Eleroo

The Eleroo is a sprightly yet docile creature, with an appetite to rival creatures three times its size.

[Source: PartOfTheSound]

The Crocobear

The ferocious Crocobear loves to get its fur wet, but loves chomping on living flesh even more.

[Source: mobuco]

The Chickat

Don't anger the Chickrat. It will literally peck your face off.

[Source: zatan130]

The Dorca whale

The majestic Dorca-Whale is now tragically low in numbers, in part due to its strange obsession with chasing ball-shaped fish.

[Source: feathers89]

The Hairless Cat-Pig


[Source: feathers89]

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Which animal hybrid would you introduce to our world?


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