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Stop what you're doing and prepare yourself, because you're about to have a cuteness overload! Talented photographer Myranda Josephson has made two little girls' dreams come true when she turned them into some of their favorite Disney princesses (ok, ok they're not all princesses, but they are all adorable).

The girls, Claire (age 2) and Chloe (age 1) were transformed into character with a little help from Claire's mom Jessica, who makes made-to-order princess clothing for young ones (ever thought of doing a line for adults, Jessica?)

Check out how the girls looked:

Snow White

No tiny Snow White! Don't eat the apple!


Mini Cinderella doing all her chores before she meets her Prince Charming.

Little Red Riding Hood

Hmm, I don't know if you should pat the wolf, Little Red Riding Hood!

Sleeping Beauty

A small Sleeping Beauty and her small sleeping quarters!

Wendy from Peter Pan

Wee Wendy gets a visit from Peter Pan's shadow

Alice in Wonderland

Pint sized Alice drinks from a teensy-weensy cup at her own Mad Hatters tea party.


Baby Disney Princesses, beyond cute?

Source: Myranda Josephson Photography via Distractify


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