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Fans seem to love giving their favorite Disney characters a makeover. Whether it's crossing them over into different genres, like The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones, or even gender swapping them, there's really no limit to what the collective Disney fanbase can come up with.

Finnish artist Sadyna has contributed a collection of brilliant illustrations to the ongoing makeover session with her Disney Warrior Princess Project. She even provided little stories to go along with some of her artwork! It goes without saying that Xena or Wonder Woman would definitely be proud to fight alongside any one of these re-imagined badasses.

Ariel: The Silent Warrior

The armor! That sword! *swoon* Here's a small backstory Sadyna had written up for this Warrior Princess of the Sea:

Ariel cannot speak; her voice and true strength lies within a mystical seashell. In times of great need, Ariel uses the mystical seashell to unleash her fury and becomes...

Ariel: The Voice of the Ocean

Upon using the mystical seashell to grant herself great strength, Ariel becomes a powerful Sea Mage that commands truth, virtue, and justice!

Ariel's mage form! So cool. I imagine Ariel's transformation from Silent Warrior to Voice of the Ocean would look and sound out of this world. That trident harp? Amazing. Diggin' the very true-to-form fantasy garb too.

Belle: The Royal Confidant

Love that Belle is armed with a super elegant looking rapier, and how she's using the Enchanted Rose like a talisman or something. Sadyna's backstory for this re-imagining is pretty great too:

Belle is the King's Royal Protector. She is the only one who knows that his majesty is under a Beastly Curse, and as such, has been given the title of "The Secret Keeper". One of the King's Guard, a man named Gaston, becomes jealous that a woman is the King's Royal Protector and wants to take her place. The King refuses. One night, Gaston stalks Belle and finds out that the King is the accursed Beast and plans to murder him. Gaston attempts to strike down the King, but Belle crosses his sword. An epic duel ensues! A man fighting for power, and a woman fighting to defend her love. What will happen next?!

Pocahontas: Powhatan's Pride

According to Sadyna, no... Pocahontas did NOT kill Meeko here, despite wearing ornamental raccoon tails on her warrior getup. Whew! Here's what she also had to say about this illustration:

[Pocahontas] was a pain to draw and color too, and her design isn't so different from the original costume but I just wanted to make her more...ruthless? [I suppose] she is some kinda of executioner-warrior. Also I didn't want to give her armor or a sword or anything like that; I wanted to keep her ''wild''.

Aurora: The Sleepless Guardian

Real talk, Sleeping Beauty's armor and weapon design here looks WAY better than anything you'd normally see in a typical MMO or RPG game.

[Aurora's] flag colors were taken from both her dresses, and the three different colored strings embellishing her armor were each given to her by her three Godmothers.

Snow White: The Warrior of Seven Arrows

The whole warrior princess with a bow and arrow is definitely one of my very favorite fantasy character tropes. Snow White re-imagined as such looks so good, I wish it were a real thing. No, Rupert Sanders' Snow White and the Huntsman does NOT count!

Cinderella: The Rogue Maiden

Cinderella transported from her classical setting into a more futuristic one looks pretty sweet, but what's up with that janky arm cannon? Luckily, Sadyna provided a fairly extensive backstory that details exactly how she got it:

Cinderella's creator was a brilliant scientist. For years, he tried to make an android that has feelings and can imitate human life. He finally succeeded with his last android, Cinderella. He treats Cinderella like his own daughter, gives her clothes to wear, and teaches her new things everyday.
One day the scientist dies and his wife (Evil Stepmother) becomes her new owner. The Evil Stepmother treats her terribly, and her real daughters shred and tear all of Cinderella's clothes because they think servants should not be able to wear clothes like humans. Cinderella accepts her place as an android-servant as any other android in their world would... Until she meets her Fairy Godmother who grants her one wish. Cinderella wishes to be human but Fairy Godmother can only make her a human for 24 hours. Cinderella reluctantly agrees.
She becomes a human, and manages to escape out for a day. She meets people in town and they accept her as a normal person! She couldn't be more happier. Cinderella ends up at a big big party in the Royal Palace where she meets a very nice man and she dances with him and they talk etc. Cinderella forgets the time and suddenly in the middle of the party she transforms back into an android again. People around her start to panic. Guards push Cinderella back and try to hold her down, warning her to stay away from The Prince (surprise!) because they think all androids are a threat and because they are also not allowed to in the Palace. Cinderella breaks free from the Guards, but they managed to tear off her left arm. Cinderella escapes and hides in the shadows.
After all that had happened, she goes home depressed and her Evil Stepmother gets mad when she sees that Cinderella is missing an arm. She starts to mock Cinderella's maker-father and then suddenly she snaps... in a fit of rage, Cinderella kills her Evil Stepmother and eventually becomes the Kingdom's most wanted android. In order to protect herself from being hunted by The Kingdom's Royal Guards, Cinderella retrofits the arm cannon of a discarded combat droid onto her body from a junkyard. Where will she go now?

Ooof, ok. That was a bit dark, haha. Still awesome though! Despite the dreary and morbid exposition, I love how instead of losing a glass slipper she loses an arm, and then replaces the arm with a cannon to defend herself. Truly the definition of badass.

About the Artist

Sadyna is a 25 year old artist from Finland. You can find more of her work on Deviant Art, or you can follow her on Tumblr!


Which Disney Warrior Princess do you think is the most badass?


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