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Movies, as wonderful as they are, always come with cliches. A horror movie is scary, a comedy movie is funny, an action movie is...action-y! It's a simple formula and although sometimes incredibly predictable, it always works. But every once in a while, there comes a movie not unlike the others. A movie that seamlessly defines its own genre, while easily breaking into another. We saw it in American Psycho, where while the film screamed horror, Christian Bale's award-winning performance had a very comedic tone to it.

And again in Horns, where, though the movie was a bit of a supernatural/horror, it felt comedic in tone as well.

And now, another movie has broken out of the norm to grace our screens! The abnormally weird, horror-comedy [The Voices](movie:680935). Now, first off, this isn't your typical horror-comedy. It's not just some horror film where the characters get a few jests here and there (like A Haunted House or the Scary Movie franchise). For one thing, the trailer for the film has you thinking it's a kids film at first! At the beginning there's a rating of R shown, but what follows next has you question if you mistakenly read the rating as R when it was G.

Don't believe me? Watch the trailer down below for yourself and tell me it doesn't start off making you think it's one of those direct-to-DVD family-friendly comedy films that usually star B-list celebrities! (Warning: Might be a bit too intense for some!)

Feeling deceived yet? In all honesty, the fact that this movie displays itself as some talking-animal kid-flick makes it all the more brilliant! Director Marjane Satrapi and writer Michael R. Perry are blending elements that before this movie, I didn't even think could be blended!

The film stars Ryan Reynolds as Jerry, a mentally ill man who hears his cat and his dog talking to him. His cat tries to convince him that he's a bad person and tells him to kill, while his dog tries to convince him that he's still a good guy. Reynolds, who was recently confirmed to return as Wade Wilson/[Deadpool](movie:38663) in the upcoming 2016 film, has received some praise and doubt regarding his casting as the anti-hero Deadpool. Well, I can honestly say that after watching this trailer for The Voices, I am 100% behind Ryanpool (if Batfleck's a thing, I'm making Ryanpool a thing)!

Ryan Reynolds is weird yet perfect in this challenging role! The film has a pretty solid cast besides Reynolds. Anna Kendrick portrays Jerry's love interest, Lisa. She's oblivious to Jerry's true nature and thinks of him as a cool and mysterious guy. Gemma Arterton plays the disembodied head of Jerry's last girlfriend, Fiona. Jerry's cat convinces Jerry to kill Fiona and, thanks to a mixture of guilt and his mental illness, Jerry hallucinates that her head is talking to him as a third voice. You know who else hallucinates voices in his head?

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Besides convincing me that Ryan is the man for the Deadpool job, the movie has convinced me to give it a look when it hits theaters (limited release so make sure to check it out quickly!) and on-demand services on February 6th!

The Voices looks like a fun, out-of-the-ordinary film; a perfect break from the same old cliche tactics that other movies utilize! It may not be an Oscar winner, but it's sure to be one of the great films to see this year in 2015!

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