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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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If attempting to fall asleep after watching a scary flick in your dark, dark room, with trees casting creepy shadows up the walls, wasn't hard enough, now, if you have the intestinal fortitude, you can cuddle up with your favorite horror movie icons in teddy bear form!

Deady Bears, the ghastly brain child of Julia Gulia and her teenage daughter Gypsy, pay homage to the some of the best horror movie franchises out in the wild, with bears based on Chucky, Mike Myers, Freddy Krueger and they even chucked in Saw's Jigsaw for good measure, amongst many other gruesome bears.

The cuteness, the fur and the childlike glee of your a-typical teddy bear have been removed for guts, gore and the occasional shiny weapon. Each bear comes with its own autopsy report, written up by the teddy bear morgue's very own dastardly mortician!

The Australian team of mother and daughter have been selling their Deady Bears online since August 2014 and have been quite successful with seventy of their re-purposed bears having been snatched up by eager horror fans.

Enough talk! Shall we observe these vile creatures in action?





Minnie Mouse


Regan MacNeil

Those were absolutely terrific! The perfect gift for a little one in your life. I'm joking. Please don't give any of these to children. Instead why not treat your inner child with a Deady Bear this year. Think of them as your own personal gargoyle, staving off the unwanted attentions of the beasts under your bed.

If you like what you see, hit the link to their Facebook page below, and purchase your own freaky friend!

(Source: Deady Bears via Facebook)


Which Deady Bear tickled your ghastly fancies?


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