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Are you a fan of Firefly, (Lord) Joss Whedon's FOX cancelled, cult hit space opera? Are you a self confessed Browncoat and are contemplating taking your fandom up another notch by getting iconic imagery or phrases from the wonderful show inked on your body? But aren't 100% sure yet? Shiny! You're in luck.

Pop GEEK Tattoos, an Etsy online shopfront, set up by a lady known only as Heidi, has been selling temporary tattoos aimed squarely at geek heartstrings since 2013. The goods range from tattoos styled as Serenity herself to pretty sweet Doctor Who iconography! Here's what Heidi had to say about it.

I founded this shop after my second trip to Comic-Con and realized that there was a need for more geeky and pop cultural temporary tattoos!
A lot of people debate getting a permanent tattoo due to the pain and finality of it, but until you're ready to make that commitment, who says you can't enjoy changing your mind while representing your favorite fandoms??

There's no better way of testing the water I guess. Shall we take a look?


The Serenity Crew Mantra

Firefly Chinese Symbol

And In Other Fandoms...

Millennium Falcon



It's about time I got myself a tatt and these designs have given me some great ideas!

What do you guys think of these? If you dig them, make sure to check out Pop GEEK Tattoo's store front on Etsy.

Source: Pop GEEK Tattoos


Would you get a geeky temp tattoo?


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