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You might know Ken Levine as the game developer extraordinaire behind the critically acclaimed and refreshingly original Bioshock series. But before he transported gamers to the breathtaking worlds of Rapture and Columbia, Levine gave digital birth to the equally inspired System Shock universe - and after 15 years, it's back...kind of.

Despite System Shock 2's cult popularity, gamers have been waiting since 1999 for a proper sequel. That was until this awesome group of fans did what every die-hard community does: they took things into their own hands.

In lieu of an official follow up, these insanely dedicated gamers have created their own, and it's called System Shock Ultimate!

The fan-made mod picks up right where the previous game left off, as you continue to discover the gruesome fates of the Von Braun crew.

System Shock Ultimate features multiple endings, a variety of new characters and some fresh psionic powers to take for a spin. It's a surprisingly ambitious project, and even though it may not be the official sequel I've been hoping for, I'll play anything even slightly related to one of the greatest games of all time!

Kudos to the team behind this lovingly crafted System Shock tribute.

Watch the game's trailer below:

You can download the mod HERE.


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