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Quantum Break was the Xbox One exclusive that everyone was excited for upon its announcement, and we're patiently waiting for a release date or some kind of additional information on the game's progress from Remedy Entertainment. But what ever happened to Alan Wake 2? Would you prefer that game to get a release date over Quantum Break?!

Remedy Entertainment are a great studio, one that hasn't developed too many titles, but has given us the joy of Max Payne, Max Pane 2: The Fall of Max Payne and Alan Wake. The latter didn't sell well when it was initially released, it took a while for its reputation to build up. Eventually it went on to sell over a nice $3,000,000, but what about a sequel?

Quantum Break vs Alan Wake 2

Quantum Break
Quantum Break

Due to Alan Wake's initial failure at the box office, publishers have been hesitant when it comes to developing a second title. Even though the game was granted great sales in the end, and quite a great reputation throughout the industry, I feel we'll be waiting for a while before we hear any news about Alan Wake's return.

It's fascinating reading articles from around the time that people were discussing the prospects of a sequel to the great horror game, and Remedy were attempting to conceal the fact that they can't make it but are working on a new IP; Quantum Break. Now we know what they were hiding behind closed doors, and it is quite beautiful.

Quantum Break
Quantum Break

Though I have to say, where is it? We haven't heard from Remedy Entertainment for quite some time concerning their game, which is still lacking in the release date department. I honestly hope this studio can succeed with this title, they are small but they've given us some real gems in the past.

But what do you think, does Quantum Break's time bending intrigue you more than the prospects of revisiting the dark world of Alan Wake? I still remember playing that game on the couch with my sister and the screams out of her woke up the whole house! I'd love to play something like it again.

Alan Wake
Alan Wake

But then, who knows? Alan Wake was a fresh, exciting IP and perhaps Quantum Break will be a game that we'll all be dying to have a sequel to. At the moment, they are rigorously hiring people to improve the visual qualities of the game, hoping to make this the game that we all thought we would get on NextGen consoles.

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These guys haven't let us down in the past when it came to console games, and I'm not about to give up on them, even if Microsoft is publishing the game. Therefore, I think I can wait for Alan Wake 2...but only for so long! Let us know what you'd like more if you had to pick one in the comments! Check out the game's great gameplay below!


Which game would you prefer?


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