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Marvel's [Ant-Man](movie:9048) has had quite the bumpy road on the way to its July 17th release. What we're finally seeing has taken over ten years of development and there are some interesting changes that have happened to our hero Scott Lang along the way. One has to wonder is Ant-Man, who is traditionally a founder member of the Avengers, was ever part of the bigger picture?

After being upgraded from a petty criminal, as it was written in the first plot synopsis, to a master thief, as he stands now, this movie version of Scott Lang may bear little resemblance to the guy comic fans have come to be familiar with. Originally Lang started out as a master of electrical engineering and only ended up resorting to crime as a way to provide for his family.

You can call him a thief but don't call him "petty"
You can call him a thief but don't call him "petty"

What is good to see is that Lang's fundamental motivation appears to be staying put. His character's desire to be a good dad to his daughter is clearly stated in the trailer though there's no mention of his engineering background and it is pretty well implied that he's a professional criminal. The trailer enforces this redemption angle for the character while the traditional Scott Lang is brought in to the superhero fold more for his engineering know-how than his thievery inclinations.

This raises questions as to whether Ant-Man will serve a roll in a re-assembled Avengers down the road. Traditionally Scott Lang is the kind of guy that can re-build the security system in [The Avengers](movie:9040) tower and not just a jailbird thief who can stumble his way into Hank Pym's good graces. Does Ant-Man continue to be considered a stand-alone MCU character, as it was originally developed as? Or is his boost in profile from petty criminal to master thief an effort to make him a character with a certain set of skills that the Avengers could find useful?

This summer's Ant-Man film is likely to offer up more of an Avengers story around Michael Douglas' Hank Pym character - with an Agent Carter cameo being rumored and a look at the origins of the Ant-Man suit. Dr. Pym is being called an original Avengers in the new plot synopsis and while it is indeed cool to open up the Marvel Cinematic Universes past - it would be even cooler to have Ant-Man take his rightful place among the modern Avengers.

Suit up Ant-Man, the Avengers are going to need you
Suit up Ant-Man, the Avengers are going to need you

I like the idea of getting the individual superhero origin films out of the way if they're going to be part of the Avengers. This way the Avengers films don't have to spend time on backstory. And leading up to Avengers 3 the only other possible new recruits that are getting their own origin stories are [Black Panther](movie:9047) and Doctor Strange - neither of whom carry as much Avengers legacy with them as Ant-Man. Luckily, we only have to wait a few more months before we get a better idea of what kind of future Marvel has in store for Scott Lang.


Should Ant-Man be a future Avenger?


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