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Well it's finally new comic book and what a Super/Wonderful one it is! Yet again Peter Tomasi and Doug Mahnke (with some Ed Benes art in there as well) takes DC's power couple to new heights.

Simply put with each issues like a fine wine it gets better and better with time. Tomasi and Mahnke are finding their voices in the power couple's shared book and it is lovely to see where they are taking us. Down the rabbit hole we go. Tomasi has said from the beginning he has wanted to explore this pair in more depth than has been sees before and he is. The story was solid with a very power theme and the art was seamless between Mahnke and Benes's artwork. So SMWW fans be prepared to put your big boy and girl pants on because we are in the big leagues now! Actioned packed from beginning to end we learn about Magog's origins but the theme running through this issue was trust and faith. Now let get to down to business to defeat Magog! Sorry listening to Mulan as I write this....

As Superman and Wonder Woman battle Magog we see nothing but poetry in motion. Like in a good relationship it is a give and take. Superman knows she can handle herself (usually better than he can) but it is in his nature to want to protect those he loves, but she reminds him of who she is War. God in no need of saving, but as she flies off to continue her battle with Magog she knows he is right behind her. Trust...

She trusted him to never let her go into a battle anything alone. She knew he would be right there at her side facing whatever or whoever comes. As the battle starts to heat up Wonder Woman and Magog battle moves on to a bridge. Civilians everywhere... Villain sure know to pick a battle sites don't they. Seeming more enraged Magog starts hurting civilians. Tossing some over the bridge... Trust... Wonder Woman charges towards Magog she lets the people fall past her for she know who's behind her, Superman. Faith.... He saves them and helps get the civilians off the bridge while she continues to fight Magog.

There is something about this line that just sums up them.... "I trust you to hold the bridge and I have faith in me to take Magog down." Trust and faith...

We leave the power couple facing overwhelming odds as someone finally shows up with a bunch of her animal friends and I don't mean a singing Disney princess! Is it February yet cause I need #16 already?!

I will leave you with this line from Moulin Rouge song El Tango De Roxanne. (It's a The Police/Sting song ;)

"Without trust , there is no love..."

And from this issue we know that Superman and Wonder Woman clearly trust and have faith in each other.

Sadly its making give this a number rating.... 9.99? Can't I enjoyed myself be a fracking rating! Lol... so let's go with that one. You don't have to take my word for it (you're an adult and/ or you can read lol) so check out Superman/Wonder Woman #15 for yourself, its worth a looksie. See ya next week!


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