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Hey i'm Andy i love to write about Movie's, Games and TV Shows my favorite superhero is Iron Man and The Flash .
Andy Emini

As I was browsing, I saw some images that intrigued me, I already saw the images of Captain and Ironman fighting each other in the Civil War, but the thing that I didn't notice is a superhero showing up on almost every image

Well, yeah, Spider-man. I know, I know you think it's not possible, but what if it is and Marvel already was thinking to put Spider-man on Avengers Age of Ultron, but it just didn't happen, so maybe here he will join, and I'm guessing he will be on Captain America's side, like in the comics.

And here are some more images showing up Spider-man there too, so yeah, it shows more superheroes, but it kinda shows spider-man more.

We can see some X-Men Characters but the eyes just go on Spider-man and when I searched more about this I found out some Spider-man suits, and guess what I think he will have a new power or something like this

So lets hope for good and tell me your opinion will Spider-man join Captain America, and will he have more powers?

You can see him fighting with his new powers in this pic here


Will Spider-man Join Civil War ?


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