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Two huge franchises that originated either side of the 90s, both of which helped define the modern FPS. Doom is the game that is said to have popularised the FPS genre, whereas Half-Life has said to refine it into perfection. These two great franchises could be getting their 2010s reboots (well Doom certainly is), but which series were you a bigger fan of and what are you looking forward to receiving a release date for PC, Xbox One and PS4 more; Doom 4 or Half-Life 3?!

Though both widely different from one another in terms of topics, and style, these two franchises have a buzzing fan base. As always, I'm keen to uncover just how great the numbers are for each brand, so let's take a look at these two titles!

Doom 4 vs Half-Life 3


Doom 4, or just Doom, has been remarkably quiet about its development. We've seen no gameplay, aside from those lucky enough to try 20 minutes of its campaign behind closed doors at Quakecon. All we've seen is the remarkably opaque teaser.

Should we be concerned for the progression of this title, or are Bethesda and id Software purposefully concealing this game in the hopes to build up some anticipation? I'm never a big fan of a game remaining in the shadows so much, except when it comes to Rockstar - we know they'll deliver. But with the reception of Rage, I'm a little worried about Doom.


I wonder if Bethesda's publishing presence can improve upon the quality of the title? Did they have much of an impact on The Evil Within? I guess we'll find out this year! But what about Half-Life 3? Would you pick its release date any day over Doom?

Half-Life 3 had better conclude the cliffhanger ending that we were torturously subjected to with Half-Life 2: Episode 3. But you never know, perhaps it will come out in a form that we're totally unfamiliar with and it'll be the HL3 we never saw coming. I'm sure Valve want to make it a title that is innovative as well as true to the Half-Life formula. I think we'll see a very different game from what we imagine when it's finally released and I have no teeth left in my head.

Half-Life 3
Half-Life 3

So Doom and Half-Life fans (or crossovers of both), which title do you want to see first? If you could pick a release date for the PC, Xbox One and PS4, would you have Half-Life 3 come out in 2015 and Doom vanish into thin air like Freeman? Let us know in the comments!

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