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Not a lot of people are fans of Aquaman. That's just the truth. He has been the butt of many a superhero joke for decades. And even though there have been more than a few stories and incarnations that paint him in a more attractive light, Arthur Curry's good name has been dragged through the mud far too long to be easily cleaned now.

But in the past few years, DC and WB havve tried to do just that. With bigger and better roles in big comics stories, support behind his own comics titles, the promise of his own live action movie, and now this Animated movie focused around his specific world.

The possible problem with every DC property is that Warner Brothers is ultimately in charge. While the Marvel Cinematic Universe is run by people who have a lot of love and respect for the comics characters, WB is run by ... well, Hollywood types. As a result they often make the wrong choices with their comics properties. Everything from spreading the rights too thin, to employing the wrong writers/actors/directors, and flat out changing major elements because they think they know better.

The latter seems to be what happens with Throne of Atlantis.

The comics story the film is based on is only a couple years old. DC's New 52 was designed to be easily accessible to new readers, sponging away all the old lore and cannon so readers new and old would be roughly on the same playing field. So right off the bat, changing the story for any reason that isn't a legal one is a silly idea. But just like in Justice League: War before it, Throne alters character relationships and timelines so that the story can have more jokes, romantic subplots, and straightforward action. These changes aren't the worst thing ever, but they aren't for the better.

I also had a gripe with some of the animation and voice talent choices. Aquaman has a set of mutton cops that make me feel like the south has risen. Both Matt Lanter's Aquaman and Harry Lennix's Black Manta sounded a little off to me. And the soldiers of Atlantis all have the same uniform long black hair... until they take off their helmets, at which point they magically have various lengths and bright colors. Aka lazy animating.

In the end, this was an ok movie at best. Even if you have the cash, i wouldn't recommend buying it unless you REALLY liked the first installment. DC and Warner Brothers are going to keep making these for legal and monetary reasons, but if we give them our money for all of them, they will develop an "if you build it they will come" attitude, and just start churning them out regardless. I for one would rather they either get back to making them AMAZING... or stop altogether.


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