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Like most comic superheroes everyone should live by their own Historic Words of Wisdom. Carbondale, Illinois digital artist artist Adam Thompson has re-purposed some of the art and writing of DC artist Jim Lee, Francis Manapul and others and matched it with the most relevant life statement of several DC Superheroes. The series called Heroic Words of Wisdom becomes a testament to why we keep on reading superhero comics.

In his artist statement Thompson explains the idea behind the project:

My work, centered around comic book characters, comes with the challenge of reaching to an audience beyond those who are already fans of those characters. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy very much to see existing fans of these characters who enjoy my work. However, up until this project, I've been indulgent of being a fan, and neglectful of the challenge of reaching that larger audience.

Superheroes already have a prominent place in pop culture. Their images can be seen anywhere. As a fan I enjoy seeing the strength of these characters in the spotlight, but because I am looking to reach a new audience, I needed to find a new light. I had to consider that comic books are a series of images accompanied by dialogue, and since it's the images that are already so prominent, I decided to focus on the dialogue.

In my mind, one of the most famous pieces of comics dialogue is the oath sworn by Green Lantern. I gave this some deeper thought and realized that the oath is, in a way, applicable to real life. Anyone, should they choose, can swear an oath to stand against evil. Then it hit me. Have all comic heroes said things that are applicable in real life? Have they all said things that can inspire any of us, comic fan or not?

Re-purposing the artwork of Jim Lee, Francis Manapul, and some others, along with my own, and combining it with my usual minimalistic style, I've developed this project spotlighting some quotes from these heroes that can inspire us all daily. Enjoy!

You can find more Adam Thompson art at his Behance page.

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