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So if you don't already know, or you are purposely avoiding them, Flash and Arrow are two of the best shows out today. One of the reasons is because they take place in the same universe and supplement each other, which allows for a larger story overall. Both shows have also been on a rampage introducing new characters and presenting new possibilities with each one.

Now currently there are seven possible characters to form a Justice Team: Green Arrow, Arsenal, The Flash, Firestorm, Black Canary, The Atom, and Wildcat. Spoiler alert! Thea has received training which could result in her becoming an ally to Oliver or an enemy so I won't include her for now.

But even so we have seven characters, which about the set amount of number that most Avengers, X-men, or Justice League team has (also many other's that I didn't mentioned). In fact, Smallville did this and Superman, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Cyborg, Impulse, Hawkman, Martian Manhunter and Stargirl were that iteration of the Justice League. Society? Whatever. So it isn't insane to assume that we will eventually see a team emerge from the greatness that is the Arrow/Flash-verse.

Which team will we be seeing?

Which team will we see though? Now many of us would assume that we'd see the Justice League because why not? Most of the above mentioned characters are members of the Justice League, two of them are founding members. One of them, and two variations are members of a different DC comics superhero team. That right there, is where the Justice Society of America comes in.

I know what you're thinking: How could a team that superheroed (totally a word) during the '40s be the Arrow/Flash-verse team? Well since you are not an avid comic reader allow me to retort. Yes, according to the pre-New 52 timeline, the Justice Society was a team during WWII and after the war they disbanded. They did resurface though with old members returning and new members being recruited, so we don't have to worry about fan boy hate!

Now two paragraphs ago I mentioned that there were three characters that founded the Justice Society. I will now disclose their names: Black Canary, Wildcat and The Atom. Now the Black Canary and Atom we are seeing on the shows are not the original versions. Wildcat is the only true JS member that we have but I'm going to explain why we should have the Justice Society.

Why should we have the Justice League?

The original superhero team!
The original superhero team!

Ideally, the Justice Society would not be the first rendition of the team. There would have been a team before them, one that Laurel's mom was a part of! (See, in the comics Black Canary is a member of both teams, the JS one is just the mother of the JL one). This team has long since retired after Black Canary decided to get married and Al Pratt returned to his first passion of boxing which eventually attracted the attention of a young version of a certain Ted Grant. Al Pratt will, in this version, not inspire the second Atom (he being the first), but instead inspires Wildcat to pursue vigilantism.

How do they make the team?

There! That's the mythology, now we get to the hard part. How do they make the team a team? Well, Micheal Holt, one of Ray Palmer's business enemies, finds himself in Starling on "business." After Ray tells Felicity he doesn't trust Micheal, she get's Oliver's help to crack this guy. It is revealed after an awesome fight sequence between Green Arrow and Micheal that he is Mr. Terrific and he came to Starling hunting for the person who murdered his mentor, Alan Scott. Oliver agrees to help him and they find themselves developing a budding friendship.

Meanwhile in Central City we see a flashback to the particle accelerator explosion and in Iron Heights, we see the criminal known as the Humanite. Soon after the explosion his body is damaged but he is able to put his mind into one of the apes that Harrison Wells was experimenting on and he isn't seen again.

Current time!

Flash is Flashing (another real word) and comes across a strange looking man. He attempts to see who it is but is hit with a giant fist. The Ultra-Humanite beats him up and flees.

Back in Starling, the duo has had no success but then Felicity receives some startling news. Police have discovered the DNA of a certain Cyrus Gold at the murder of the little boy, but it is in a strange state. Arsenal, Green Arrow and Mr. Terrific go to investigate. At the same time, Ray Palmer has called Ted Grant in for a meeting. It is revealed that Ray does not trust the Oliver and wants to bring him down even more. Ray reveals a suit for Ted and Laurel walks in and sees it. She get's upset but Ray lies and says that Ted wanted to get back into the hero business like her. Ray won't reveal how he knows but he offers to back both of them up as heroes. Team Arrow then finds Cyrus but now have to face a creature who calls himself Solomon Grundy, a name he heard the child he murdered sing in a nursery rhyme. They fight Grundy but get beat up because Grundy is a boss!

After he escapes, Grundy is drawn to the Ultra-Humanite, via a strange neural device. The Ultra-Humanite then makes Grundy his puppet and soon the duo go after the the last two people who were responsible for the Humanite's imprisonment: Laurel's mom and Al Pratt.

The Flash has been helping Firestorm control his power and back at Star Labs and he decides that he is ready to accept his help to find the Ultra-Humanite. They don their costumes and set out. Back in Starling, Al Pratt is viciously murdered and Mr. Terrific says that they need to get to Laurel's mother. They quickly make it to her and take her to a warehouse. Flash hears of the events in Starling and heads there with Firestorm to investigate.

They find them in the warehouse and soon the five heroes are regaled with the story of the Justice Society of America and their exploits. One of their last missions was the imprisonment of a man known only as the Humanite, a man with the highest intelligence of any man. After his escape he began hunting down the former members and soon wiped out them except Laurel's mother. The group realizes how dire the situation is and they take Laurel's mom to the police station and tell officer Lance to make sure she's safe. Then, Green Arrow, the Flash, Arsenal, Mr. Terrific and Firestorm go on the hunt for the Ultra-Humanite. Wildcat finally takes on his persona after he finds out about Al's death and he and Laurel hunt for the killers. Soon Ray calls them in and tells them about a mission he wants them to do, but then the city begins to be torn apart by the epic battle that is taking place between the heroes and the villains. They don their costumes and go to join the fight. Rewind, the team has been searching and soon they find the Ultra-Humanite and Grundy and engage them in a fight. It spirals out of control and breaks out into the streets. Part of the team continues the fight while others get citizens out of harm's way.

Wildcat, Black Canary and the Atom join the others and there is some verbal exchanges but they get to the important part, GIVING US THE GREATEST THING TO EVER BE SEEN ON TELEVISION!!!

They fight and they win and Flash helps to handle the imprisonment. But where does the team go from there? Identities are not disclosed to everyone so they have a meeting at which all of them remain costumed. They agree that identities will remain secret unless the individual chooses to disclose that information. They also agree that since he's been superheroing (don't judge me) the longest, Green Arrow is the head of the team and he will maintain the team. Blah, blah, blah, easter eggs, the important things are discussed and then the team goes their separate ways until the next big conflict which gets teased but won't be addressed for a while.

But here it is anyway. T. O. Morrow has been tampering with robotics and it's revealed that he's created three of them and he has plans to do villain things.

Season Four anyone?

Well that's my idea about what should happen with the Justice League/Society. I did not include everything that was important but I got the good stuff in and that's what's important.

Do like my idea? Can you improve it? Let me know in the comments below (don't be a dick to anyone!).


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