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War Machine rocks... okay
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After seeing a post earlier today report on new Hasbro toys for Avengers age of Ultron, it was revealed to me that James Rhodes would be having more than just a cameo in the movie. The image below is from a set named War Machine & Captain America 2.5-inch Deluxe Figure Set, and displays war machine and captain america ready to battle the dreaded Ultron.

The Hasbro set

Anyone thinking "spidey-cycle" right now?
Anyone thinking "spidey-cycle" right now?

As you can see, Captain America is in his new getup previously shown, however Rhodey is wearing a new version of the armor that we saw in Iron Man 2. Looking for more info I decided to google War Machine and there was a picture I found that surprised me. The picture is of a Hot Toys figure made for Iron Man 3 two years ago. The model is a repaint of the Iron Patriot armor from the movie, however, to many fans' dismay it never appeared.

What drew me to the armor design is the square cannon on the back of the figure, matching the one on the toy above. Also, as it turns out, the same as Iron Patriot's (due to the recoloring of the figure). Does this mean that the Iron Patriot armor - or as Hot Toys calls it: War Machine MkII - will be the look that appears in Avengers age of Ultron. A single square cannon isn't much to go by, so let's look at some more evidence.

Hot Toys' War Machine MkII

notice the square cannon
notice the square cannon

So looking at the armor it has lots of lines over the face, similar to Iron Patriot and some of Tony's... lost armors. However, I want to find something that proves this to be the armor in the movie and not an armor of films gone by.

Below is a picture of Rhodey and Stark trying to lift Thor's hammer, Mjolnir in the Avengers age of Ultron trailer.

Could it be the same suit?


Look at War Machine's glove in this photo, there is a round tube running down the back of the arm. That long tube also happens to appear on the hot toys MkII figure. Looky looky.

nice boxy arm like the trailer.
nice boxy arm like the trailer.

The arm on the figure is very boxy, unlike the rest of the armor which is very smooth. notice how the figure on the motorbike has chunky forearms too. The arm is more like the Age of Ultron toy and trailer, instead of the mass it was in Iron Man 2, and there are silver/grey areas in the same locations as the new toy. Namely the abs, face, and thighs, seemingly the same shape as well. The Iron Man 3 toy is very dark, as is the Avengers toy. More like War Machine in the comics.

If all this wasn't enough for you, on the behind the scenes tapes for Avengers age of Ultron, War Machine's helmet can be seen sitting along side Iron Man's new MkXLIII. Proving that not only is War Machine going to be suiting up in the movie, but that he will have the same type of suit as he did when portraying the Iron Patriot, having dark cheeks on a sleek Iron Man style helmet.

Take a look:

Take an up-close, blurry look:

dark cheeks and sleek silver lines.
dark cheeks and sleek silver lines.

Why War Machine has already been revealed.

  • A new darker version of Iron Patriot seen in old and new toys
  • Chunky iron patriot forearms seen in the age of Ultron trailer and toys
  • Silver portions of suit
  • Behind the scenes helmet matches the Hot Toys' figure
  • Red light seen around arc reactor on Hot Toys' figure and new Avengers figure

Has Marvel already revealed the new War Machine. If so... AWESOME! If not, eh War Machine still rocks anyway, right?


Do you think we have already seen the new War Machine?


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