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If you grew up during a certain age (shout-out to my fellow 80s and 90s kids, WHAT), then you freakin' lived for Choose Your Own Adventure books. I don't know about you guys, but the hope that our elementary school library would have a new one I hadn't yet devoured was the thing that kept my tiny little heart going during a boring math class (sorry, math nerds - this is why I write for a living).

But as we leap into 2015, cool guy Terence Eden (@edent) has created a Twitter version of the classic interactive story format, and he did it in an ingenious way.

First, he bought up a bunch of Twitter accounts and then he set about creating a Twitter adventure, even going so far as to use the images and avatars, bios and account names to help shape the story as it progressed.

This is seriously impressive stuff, because take it from us, it's a lot harder to create one of these than you'd think. And we'd know, having created our own Superhero Adventure and a Horror Adventure in the past.

You can totally play Eden's game now and by "play," I mean "die". Both myself and Kristin tried it out and we died pretty much immediately. And you don't even have the ability to cheat and flip ahead to scan each outcome before choosing your path, too (like I used to do as a kid because I was a damned dirty cheater).

Start here, and see if you can survive:

Don't worry, if you can survive for longer than literally a single choice, you're doing better than we did.

And if you're really curious as to how Terence, and other Twitterers like him, have created these Choose Your Own Adventure-style interactive stories, you can head to his blog, where he shows you how you can create your own harrowing tale of mayhem.

Play the game, and let me know how long you lasted in the comments!

(Source: io9)


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