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Arrow returns from its hiatus in a week, and to help with the anticipation, a new trailer was released today. The video shows new details surrounding the midseason premiere, as well as revealing the tone of the episode.

Black Canary will save the Day

Thug taken down by The Black Canary.
Thug taken down by The Black Canary.

Oliver's death will be the driving force that will ultimately lead Laurel to suit up and be The Black Canary. Though, not everyone is too fond of Laurel joining Team [Arrow](series:720988).

In an interview with IGN, Katie Cassidy revealed some details surrounding her debut as The Black Canary. It seems Team Arrow is hesitant about letting Laurel join because of her lack of experience. This means Laurel will start her adventure solo, before Team Arrow allows her to join. From what we see in the trailer, Laurel will aid Diggle and Roy in stopping Brick, but not at full capacity.

A new "Arrow"

Diggle as The Arrow
Diggle as The Arrow

According to Arrow producer Marc Guggenheim, David Ramsey will give viewers his most, 'emotional' scene ever on the show. With that in mind, It was revealed a couple of days ago that Diggle will be suiting up in Oliver's absence. To honor Oliver's memory, Diggle will most likely attempt to fight the fight that Oliver started: To save Starling City.

Brick will Rise

Brick vs. Diggle
Brick vs. Diggle

Brick will be the one that leads the "revolution" among the criminals of Starling City. Brick will target The Glades because the area has still not recovered from the earthquake, making it an easy job to take it over, and keep it under control. It looks like Diggle will go head to head with Brick, before suiting up, and taking him down.

Where to Go?

Felicity can't continue Oliver's crusade..
Felicity can't continue Oliver's crusade..

With the death of Oliver over their heads, there appears to be tension between Team Arrow as to whether they should continue Oliver's crusade. From what was shown, Felicity seems to be the most hesitant about continuing without Oliver.

In the midseason finale, Ray Palmer asked Felicity if she would like to help in protecting Starling City. We got no response in the episode, but it's possible that Felicity may leave Team Arrow for Team Atom, or to fill the void left by Oliver, she may reveal to Palmer the truth of her extra curricular activities.

Arrow returns with all new episodes on January 21, on The CW.


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