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Woody Allen is one of the most iconic filmmakers and writers of all time. Shrouded in a bit of controversy towards the latter part of his career, he has still put out some solid films like [Magic in the Moonlight](movie:934316) and [Blue Jasmine](movie:375266) recently.

So what is the next logical step for the aging legend? Oddly enough, it is to team up with the newly organized Hollywood disruptor Amazon Studios to put out Allen's first ever TV series.

Talk about a power play by Amazon!

Yeah, the same company that's trying to make THAT shit happen.

It will be a half-hour series. Vice President of Amazon Studios Roy Price released a statement explaining:

Woody Allen is a visionary creator who has made some of the greatest films of all-time, and it’s an honor to be working with him on his first television series,” said Roy Price, Vice President of Amazon Studios. “From Annie Hall to Blue Jasmine, Woody has been at the creative forefront of American cinema and we couldn't be more excited to premiere his first TV series exclusively on Prime Instant Video next year.

Allen released a witty and self-deprecating one too:

I don’t know how I got into this. I have no ideas and I’m not sure where to begin. My guess is that Roy Price will regret this.

Casting announcements and a synopsis are in the works and will be released soon. I'm excited, though. This is a big step for Amazon to compete with fellow digital distributor, Netflix!

Do you think Woody can take over TV, too?


Do you think Woody Allen will make a good TV series?

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