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As of January 14th, 2015, there isn't a single red-blooded, hard-working, Google-checking american amongst us who doesn't know what marvel has planned for the near future. However, I can't help but wonder what's going to happen beyond 2019... Granted, I've come to terms with Fox never giving X-men (my personal favorite) or Fantastic Four back and I could see the Sony situation going either way. If we had spider-man then Dr. Strange wouldn't be happening and if X-men were around, the Guardians couldn't have been the summer's box office beast. There's always a catch.

So, for all intents and purposes, This article is really just about me nerding out.. When will Nova pop up? Will Vision and Scarlet Witch have a thing? Can we get a lineup that includes: War Machine, Vision, Dr. Strange, She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, Ant-Man, and if there is any evidence of justice in this world SPIDER-MAN!!!...? You have to admit that lineup is sick..

I even heard of a Masters of Evil rumor going around.. Which I think would be great (just keep Thor's villains out of it, please). Red Skull, the REAL Mandarin, Loki (ok not him, but the other know.. The metal box guy who shoots laser beams or something), Abomination, etc.. On a side note, did anyone else have a problem with how non-threatening and easy it was to get rid of Ronan?? Us fans want the MCU to thrive, but a string of wimp villains might throw a wrench in the plans eventually... All I can say is a Thanos better thoroughly hand it to 'em..

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