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We <3 our creators.

Thousands of you create amazing content every day and it regularly blows our minds at Moviepilot HQ. It's been such a cool ride growing this community from 10 fans to the 5,000 creators that we have today, and in 2015, we want to reward everyone who creates on Moviepilot with the coolest perks, gifts and opportunities imaginable. That's our end of the bargain; if you do an awesome job of creating, sharing and contributing to our platform, we will reward you in the best way we know how. Over the past few months we've been inviting our brightest and best creators to hit red carpets, host interviews, attend premieres, and race Ferraris all in the name of fandom.

With so much planned for 2015, I wanted to take a quick look back on the awesome things we've been able to do so far with our creators:

2015 is going to be a very fun year. We can't wait to bring you with us.

If you're already a creator on Moviepilot and you have an idea for a cool perk or awesome experience, let me know! If you haven't joined us yet, become a Creator today.


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