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With a great hero comes some great villains. That certainly is the case for my favorite Marvel hero of all time: Spider-Man. It's such a shame that the current Spider-Man comics are so bleak and so extremely serious to the point that they aren't fun anymore cause I can see so much potential for great Spidey stories. I honestly hope that Marvel decides to go the route DC did and completely wipe away the tarnished continuity of Spidey then create a new universe like they did with Ultimate before they screwed it up by creating Morales.

Anyway, with the news of Spidey joining the MCU, I'd like to give my thoughts on who I think are the best from his Rogues Gallery...and there are A LOT so let's get started!

10. Rhino a.k.a. Aleksei Sytsevich OR Alex O'Hirn

While he is basically just a brute villain, he and Spidey do have a fun banter when they run into each other. I also like Rhino because of how dedicated he is to getting back at Spidey, he even joins the Sinister Six. That's where he is at his best. Both versions of Rhino I really enjoy...although his suit has never really made much sense to me, even in this universe. That's why I somewhat enjoy the robotic version of Rhino a little more.

And for those wondering, I did not mind Paul Giamatti's Rhino. Sure he was a little over the top's Spider-Man. Every villain is over the top. I hope they bring him back in the MCU for Sinister Six.

9. Kraven the Hunter a.k.a. Sergei Kravenoff OR Vladimir Kravenoff

Even though this guy's look is just laughable. It's the villain's motives that I think sells me. An extreme hunter who sees Spidey as the ultimate game and so the hunt begins. Clever concept and Kraven is one skilled dude since he can sometimes be faster then our web-head. They hinted at Kraven with those Sinister Six pictures and if they do bring him into the movies, I already know who I want for him.


8. Mysterio a.k.a. Quentin Beck

Good ol' Fishbowl! A man with no powers who uses elusions to fight Spidey. Kinda like Scarecrow with a cape. I honestly think this guy could prove to be one of the best villains in a movie. Hell his design can be cool. Look at Shattered Dimensions.

Yeah, give me that! How about you make a Shattered Dimensions movie!?

7. Morbius the Living Vampire a.k.a. Michael Morbius

Further showing that science is EVIL in the Spidey-verse. When scientist Michael Morbius tried to cure his blood disease, he transformed himself into a real vampire and BOY is he great. I didn't know about him until I watched the '90s animated series. You know the one...

Spider-Man! Spider-Man! Radioactive Spider-Man!

I think this one could lead to a very dark movie if they decide to adapt him. Maybe you can have him team up with Blade? You reading this Feige?

6. Sandman a.k.a. Flint Marko

Sandman is a great villain and...*sigh* He was the best thing about Spider-Man 3. Look I despise Spider-Man 3 with a passion, but if there is anything I will PRAISE about the movie is Thomas Haden Church as Sandman. It would be really hard to replace Church but I wouldn't mind seeing Sandman again. Not only are his powers some of the coolest I've ever seen but the villain is very enjoyable because of how his arc ends...depending on the version you're reading. Sometimes he's just another brute like Rhino, other times he's a villain trying to help his daughter.

Just want to say that this is one of the most amazing scenes to come out a superhero movie. When Marko gets sad because of the fact he can't pick up the locket at first my jaw dropped because they managed to make SAND have emotion. Props. Also this scene goes in my Top 5 favorite CGI pieces of all time. Okay onto the next villain.

5. The Lizard a.k.a. Curtis Connors

Truly a Jekyll and Hyde story. A scientist trying not only help himself but other people is blind to the consequences so when he injects a serum derived from lizard blood not only does his arm return but he transforms into a monstrous human/lizard hybrid and rampages through the city trying to create a new race of lizards. You sort of feel sorry for the good doctor because it's not his fault, the serum created a new personality that takes control, plus he's Spidey's good friend and mentor.

4. Venom a.k.a. Eddie Brock

Do I really need to explain? It's Venom! He's one of the most dark and most creative concepts for a villain I've ever seen. Whether it's the alien symbiote or the symbiote created in a laboratory, Venom is amazing.

PAIN! SO MUCH PAIN! Never remind me of that atrocity again! Next villain!

3. Carnage a.k.a. Cletus Kasady

Where Venom is about feeding off hatred and misery....Carnage just wants to rip apart anything he comes across. Yep, I actually think the even more psychotic symbiote villain is a better villain. He is just terrifying and his design is even better than Venom. Casting wise, give me Alan Tudyk.

He looks the part and he can act. Boom, there you go Marvel.

2. The Goblin a.k.a. Norman Osborn OR Harry Osborn

No, not the Green Goblin. The Goblin from the Ultimate Spidey-Verse. This Spidey villain is still a great villain after all these years. I even like Dane DeHaan's Goblin. But by far, my favorite is the Goblin. A hulking beast but with the mind equivalent of Lex Luthor. Yeah, he's one powerful baddie. My choice for Goby?

Mel FREAKING Gibson! I'm with Robert Downey Jr. on this one. Stop making him out to be some sort of monster for one drunken mistake he made years ago. This guy is one of my favorite actors of all time and I think him as Norman Osborn would be perfect!

1. Ultimate Electro a.k.a. Max Dillon

Yes, Electro. Why? Oh, he can control the one thing our entire society depends upon...yeah. His powers are amazing in my opinion and the character is quite threatening. He's a man with an inferiority complex who gains the powers of a god. It's too bad Electro isn't used as often in the comics cause I love him.

One of the main reasons I was sold on the Amazing Spider-Man 2 was because they announced Electro. When I saw what he first looked like in the trailer my jaw dropped because...well look at him! He's freaking Ultimate Electro to a T! And he was by far the best thing about the movie in my opinion.

On a side note, check out one of my last articles I did about the Rise of Electro theme.

So those are my favorite villains from the Spidey-Verse, tell me your thoughts on this list and what are your favorite villains from Spidey's world are. Tell me in the comments below!


Who's your favorite?


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