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Agent Carter premiered last week in a tremendous pilot episode, followed by an equally interesting second episode. Now a week after we are finally getting more insight at the world of Agent Carter, and the story that Peggy has for us.

In the pilot episode, Peggy Carter is still remembering the time she spend with Captain America, but is living her life as an agent for the SSR, her cover is that she works for a telephone company.

The SSR however doesn't have a high stem of her, they see her as a secretary, archivist, a second hand citizen, a woman.

Peggy tries hard to make a name for herself, but she is sad to not being given the opportunities. However all of this changes when Peggy is tracked down by no other than Howard Stark! (Yes, that is Tony Stark's father).

He has been framed and accused of having sold illegal technology to America's enemies, and now, viewed as a traitor he seeks help from Peggy to change what everyone thinks about him. He trusts her, and he knows she is the best man for the job. Peggy, eager to get her feet back in to action steps up and discovers that one of the formulas that had been stolen from Stark is now a chemical substance. In the first two hours of "Marvel's Agent Carter" Peggy is able to track down the plant that is fabricating the component and one of the bad guys that is in charge of delivering this to a bigger fish.

However, by the end of the second episode Peggy has also lost the guy and left traces of her and Edwin Jarvis's participation in the explosion of the chemical plant where the substance was made. She has also lost a friend, moved out of her apartment and had to find another suitable room to live at.

She finds a place in a women only pension with strict rules about time, clothes and men companionship. And by the beginning of this episode she is no living under all these strict rules in the impenetrable fortress for women in NYC.

However, after a girl is let go of the dorm because of a night escapade with her boyfriend, Peggy realizes that nothing is impenetrable, and that Howard Stark's mansion must have been broken in someway, somehow.

It's time for Peggy to meet up with Jarvis again, but this time they have someone in tow. The guys from the SSR are hot on the their trail, all thanks to the bumper that was left behind in the Roxxon factory explosion. Agent Sousa and Agent Thompson know that the car belonged to Stark and try to corner Jarvis into revealing his master's whereabouts by menacing his wife. The elusive Ana Jarvis is a no show in this episode, but her mere mention to Jarvis causes him to sweet "guilty" during an interrogation.

Peggy however, saves him by trowing herself under the bus. Under the impression that she is less capable, she saves Jarvis for further interrogation, and she later discovers that the reason Jarvis is so loyal to Stark is that he helped he an his wife move to a new life in the United States.

Peggy asks Jarvis to not keep secrets from her, and the two continue working together, eventually leading to the discovery of a shady tunnel under the Stark residence, one that leads to some of the technologies that were stolen, but also to a guy that's guarding them. Peggy fights their way out of it before the guys from the SSR arrive, but even when Jarvis and her have delivered everything to the SSR. They are still unable to avoid one of the fellow agents to be killed along with the bad guy. Now, there's one more thing that the SSR is blaming on Stark.

In other notes, Peggy has a new neighbor, she is called "Dottie", and yes, she might be a suspicious figure, but in my opinion, Angie, the girl that has forced her way into Peggy's life is a little more suspicious to me.

Maybe I'm wrong about her, and she is just clingy and demanding, and in need of a friend; but she could also be a spy, one that is meant to keep track of Peggy... wouldn't that be something?

What do you think?

And on the fashion side. I loved everything that Peggy wore this episode!


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