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Brace yourselves mere mortals (myself included), for some serious, hard-hitting news about Beyoncé. Queen Bey may have quietly addressed the buzzing of pregnancy rumors by announcing the coming of another royal baby via her Instagram.

Beyoncé posted this somewhat telling picture on Sunday:

Being the skeptic that I am, I dismissed the news initially as more nonsense. I thought, She's just on the beach! That sand mound could mean everything or nothing. Let's not jump to conclusions.

I then remembered how Beyoncé very publicly announced her pregnancy with Blue...

Slay, Bey, slay.

To further the case, In Touch Weekly reported earlier today that an "insider" has confirmed Beyoncé and Jay-Z are pregnant and it's a boy! Of course being the king to Beyoncé's queen, Jay-Z couldn't be happier to have another little man in the house.

They are both elated.
She had almost given up hope that she’d be able to give Jay the son he’s always wanted. But now she’s telling her closest friends and family members that 2015 is their fresh start.

Yes, members of the Beyhive rejoice for Jay-Z Jr. might be on his merry way.

I'm also sure that the three-year-old Miss Blue Ivy is ready to impart her great wisdom to the next Carter baby.

While it might be too early to break out the celebratory cigars, it's never too early to hope that these statements are true.

I hope you guys are ready for baby number two, because I certainly am! I also hope that this little bundle of royal joy is ready to embrace the intensity of being the product of two of the most badass people on the planet.

Congratulations to us all, especially these two!


Do you think Beyoncé is actually pregnant with another Destiny's Child?

Via: In Touch Weekly


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