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Adam Olinger

Director Morten Tyldum crafts a very solid period picture focused on Alan Turing and his struggles with not only his work but also his life. This is very reminiscent of "A Beautiful Mind" but with better execution. The picture bounces back and forth between the war and the numbers men who are not only battling the Germans but time itself.

The cast is perfect with Benedict Cumberbatch once more showcasing his fantastic acting range. He plays Mr. Turing in a robotic yet sympathetic manner. The supporting actors bring the laughs, drama and charm. Especially Keira Knightley who I swear doesn't age.

The jumping between battle, past & present can get a bit jarring at times but it's certainly a small gripe and nothing that breaks the film. The Imitation Game is a well written, beautifully shot and wonderfully acted picture that doesn't overstay it's welcome.

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