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This is one of the movies that I'm dying to see. It doesn't say what year it will be on theaters yet. The book was read by millions of people. In the book, everyone who is ugly, turns pretty by the age of 16. How does that happen? Plastic surgery, yes that's right. Society doesn't accept anyone who is ugly or not perfect. People get judged by their appearance. The main character Tally Youngblood, wants to be a pretty, but she meets Shay, a teen who does not want to became a pretty, she tells Tally about a hidden town known as the Smoke, everyone from there is an ugly and they don't want to have the plastic surgery. The authorities offer tally a difficult choice , which is turn Shay in, or risk being ugly her whole life


Quentin Jacobsen and Margo Roth Spiegelman have known each other their whole life. As time passes, they go their separate ways. Then one night Margo shows up at Quentin's bedroom window, convincing him to help her get revenge on the people who she feels have wronged her. Margo suddenly disappears, leaving clues for Quentin to find where she is. Paper towns will hit theaters this year!


In the heart of the sea tells the tragic story of the sinking of whaleship Essex, caused by a sperm whale, and what the crew members had to do to prevent themselves from death, they had to make hard sacrifices.


Tom McCourt ( played by Samuel Jackson ) and Clay Riddell ( played by John Cusack ), will be teaming up together to survive the plague of bloodthirsty zombies. This is caused a strange signal is transmitted to every cell phone, that is how the apocalypse started, with just the ring of a cell phone. Another zombie movie that I'm just dying to see!


This science fiction novel is similar to Gravity ( starring Sandra Bullock ). Set on mars, Mark Watney, who is an astronaut struggles to survive since he cannot signal Earth that he's still alive. With no one to help him, he must do what it takes to make it back to Earth.


Which book would you like to see in the big screen?


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